22 February 2023 (Wednesday)

February 22nd at 9am GMT
Panel Discussion

Outlook for Gold Amongst Rising Prices and Rising Inflation

  • Gold price hit a eight-month high in early January and analysts are expecting the rally to continue, well into 2023. And demand for gold has surged to its highest in more than a decade, fuelled by buying from central banks.

  • This panel will look at what can be expected from the Fed in 2023, further impacts from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, high inflation, and a slow climb out of COVID, on the precious metals. Panellists will also discuss how gold fits into an investment portfolio, ESG factors impacting the industry, and more.

Markus Bachmann, Co-Founder, Craton Capital
Wayne Gordon, Executive Director, Chief Investment Office, Global Wealth Management, UBS
Ian Williams, Chairman & CEO, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Management Ltd.