121 Investor Relations.

121 Group has emerged as a leading international investment events and investor relations business. We work with hundreds of professional investors annually in Hong Kong, London, Cape Town, Singapore and New York for 1-2-1 meetings with our clients at our 121 Mining Investment event series. Our investor contacts are globally located.

Our investor relations program will put you in front of our network all year around.

By hosting 121 Mining Investment events we have an unparalleled network of relationships reaching into the Americas, Africa, Europe and Australasia. Drawing on extensive local knowledge we help connect globally-sourced investment opportunities with investors in the world’s key financial centres.

Since 2014…

121 Investment events
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Our Investor Relations services are tailored to your needs. 

Services can include:

Targeted distribution of company announcements and marketing collateral

Roadshow support globally utilising 121 Groups contact book

Detailed analytics on which investors are engaging with your story and where they are


Assistance with the production of company presentations and marketing materials

Access to 121 Mining Investment event series

Account Manager

Leveraging our global mining events series, our investor knowledge and contacts are second to none. To discuss in further detail how we can help you, please get in contact.

Toby Duckworth
Founding Partner
E: toby.duckworth@weare121.com
T: +852 3628 2428

Distribution and investor profiling.

Company announcements.

We can handle the distribution of your company’s announcements, to your internal mailing list and 121 Group’s global investor network, freeing up your time to  focus on building your business.

Vetted investor contacts.
121 Group’s global distribution list is built from a database of vetted investors, which includes information on their specific investment preferences based on commodity, project jurisdiction and stage of development.

Targeted distribution.
To avoid investor fatigue and maximise open rates and read rates, distribution to our 121 distribution list is dedicated to price sensitive announcements only.

Growing database.
Our investor list is continually updated throughout the year with information gathered from investors at our events and roadshows.

Distribution analytics.

Detailed analysis.

Each month we will provide you with detailed analysis from that month’s distribution. This analysis includes results from each announcement, as well as collectively summarising the distribution results for the month.

Fund demographics.
For each announcement, the company will receive a list of the funds receiving the announcement and the country in which they are located (Figure 1). We also provide charts showing investor numbers by country (Figure 2) , and the proportion of investors who opened the announcement by location (Figure 3), to help you plan future marketing and roadshows.

Monthly snapshots.
At the end of each month, the data is collated to produce a monthly summary of the opens and the locations in which the interested investors are based.

Develop your strategy.
By tracking open rates across a range of announcements and marketing updates, we help you identify which news items grab the attention of investors. Use this information to target your messaging more effectively and to develop improved company presentations and marketing materials for future conferences and roadshows.

Marketing materials.

We provide consultation and production support for:

Investor presentations
Fact sheets
Company activity reports
Company website
Other marketing collateral

We create company and project reports to boost and maintain investor interest levels. When announcements are sparse or specific to results, new investors on the distribution can receive broader updates encompassing previous news, or company progress reports.

Roadshow support.

Using the distribution analytics, 121 Group can help you to identify which countries and cities are likely to generate the best results for your roadshows and event participation.

Prior to a roadshow or event 121 Group can provide support by helping to coordinate meeting schedules and by using our distribution analytics companies we can you target and engage with individuals at key funds who have been regularly following the company’s news flow. This helps generate more productive meetings, as investors will be more familiar with the company’s story before the meeting.
Following all roadshows 121 Group conducts follow up phone calls with the investors and provides a feedback report. All you need to do is show up.