Live Sessions

26 October 2022 (Wednesday)

London 17:00 / Chile 13:00 / EST 12:00 / PST 09:00
Panel Discussion

Lithium - Assessing the technologies and low carbon extraction methods poised to accelerate capital flows into the lithium extraction sector

This webinar identifies the top challenges that asset owners, investors and finance providers need to de-risk before allocating much needed capital to the fast-evolving lithium extraction space

  • Framing the lithium market at this pivotal point of transformation for the BEV and automotive industries. Where is the supply likely to come from? Argentina’s promise, Chile’s dynamics, Australian outlook, Chinese droughts and pandemic impacts.

  • Lithium extraction under an ESG microscope – where is innovation leading to more sustainable projects for the impact investor?

  • In the race for sustainability what pillars should investors look for within a lithium business from explorer to producers

  • DLE expectations. What are the top criteria to ask when assessing a project for investment? What questions should investors ask as part of de-risking a project?

  • Discuss inflation ripples across all projects – will costs determine the winning technologies in lithium extraction?

  • Are major banks and institutions calling lithium S & D inaccurately – (JP Morgan’s call that the sector will rebalance soon)

  • Is lithium a cost driver for battery packs now? Could we see BEVs reach mass market affordability this decade?

  • US Inflation reduction bill implications – how positive for permitting, exploration and capital for downstream processing?


Daniel Jimenez, Partner, iLi Markets
Kelly O’Brien, Head of Investor Relations, SQM
David Deak, PhD, Chief Development Officer, EnergySource Minerals, and President, Marbex LLC
Alex Grant, Principal, Jade Cove Partners