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Panel Discussion

Investing in the Energy Transition

  • 2021’s COP26 saw many countries committing to further accelerating their decarbonization plans and strengthening emissions reduction targets ahead of the timeline set out in the Paris Agreement. With the accelerated phaseout of coal, there is an growing target for the mining industry tog row the supply of key battery metals that will help to grow the batteries and renewables space.

  • This panel will look at the main energy transition goals and what is needed from the mining and investment industries to help achieve them. We’ll look at the roles and responsibilities for managing emissions, the role of government and investors, expected metals demand and supply, and more.


Erez Ichilov, Managing Director, Traxys

Anthony Milewski, Chairman, Nickel 28

Amanda van Dyke, Managing Director, ARCH Emerging Partners

Panel Discussion

Exploration Financing - Filling the critical supply gaps in new energy metals

  • Across the commodities spectrum, analysts are predicting a significant shortage in supply in the coming years and investment in new exploration is critical to help fill these gaps.

  • This session will explore which type of projects are currently getting funding, current trends in exploration, labour and other issues impacting the industry, the growth of domestic/regional supply, and supply and demand trends across the metals spectrum.


Joe Mazumdar, Editor/Analyst, Exploration Insights

Matt Fernley, Head of Research, Westbeck Capital Management; Managing Director, Battery Materials Review

Panel Discussion

Supply Chain Security for Critical Minerals

  • The energy transition requires a greater and steadier supply of the rare earths and other critical minerals to help with the buildout of EVs and other renewable technologies. With China currently dominating the critical minerals space, companies around the world are noting opportunities to fill the supply gaps and to develop resources on national levels. The breakdown in supply chains, as we’ve seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, has also highlighted the need for more domestic producers and processing plants for these key minerals.

  • This panel will look at growing opportunities in this space, barriers to entry, government and investor support, ESG considerations, and more.


Jack Bedder, Founder and Director, Project Blue

Ross Gregory, Executive Director, Altor Capital

Ryan Castilloux, Managing Director, Adamas Intelligence

Panel Discussion

OEMs - Evolving Roles in the Upstream

  • Competition to secure supply of key battery metals is ramping up and, as such, we’re seeing more OEMs looking directly to mining as a way to ensure that they maintain access to things like nickel, lithium, copper, etc.

  • This session will look at the changing nature of battery metals supply chains and the changing roles for OEMs, supply and demand dynamics for the key battery metals, and share views from miners, OEMs, and investors on how they see these roles continuing to develop as the EV market continues to grow.


George Q. Fang, Executive Vice Chairman, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd.

Tu Le, Managing Director, Sino Auto Insights

Henrique Ribeiro, Latin American Metals Editor, S&P Global


The U.S. Clean Energy Transition - Impact of public policy on the mining and investment industries

  • This session will look at U.S. policy such as the Inflation Reduction Act and its impact on the EV and battery industries, domestic supply chain opportunities and constraints, domestic opportunities for companies with listed assets, and more on the future of the industry within the U.S.

Ian Lange, Director, Mineral and Energy Economics Program, Colorado School of Mines; Former Senior Economist, Council of Economic Advisers, The White House

Panel Discussion

Green Hydrogen’s Role in the Future Energy Mix

  • As more countries make moves to tackle climate change, governments, mining & energy industries, and others have started to invest in the development of hydrogen facilities as a way to cover their energy needs as well as accelerate their transition to greener sources of energy.

  • This panel will look at technological advancements in the development of green hydrogen, investment opportunities, achievements of industry leaders, and more.


Daniel Roberts, Research Program Director, Technologies, CSIRO Energy

Panel Discussion

Nickel’s Growing Role in a Green Economy

  • With nickel added to the U.S. critical minerals list, its role has been cemented as an essential metal for our future economy. Nickel demand is expected to grow significantly over the coming years and last year saw nickel prices hitting seven-year highs over supply fears and, more recently, we saw nickel prices on the LME surge to record highs of over $100,000 per tonne.

  • This panel will bring key industry players together to discuss supply and demand dynamics, investment opportunities and challenges, the role of HPAL plants, impact of the LFP battery market in China on demand and other battery chemistries, and more.


George Heppel, Market Analyst, Battery Metals, BASF Metals Forwards

Ken Hoffman, Co-Head EV Battery Materials Research Group/Basic Materials Sr. Expert, McKinsey & Company

Panel Discussion

Recycling To Fill the Supply Gaps

  • Recycling is set to play an integral role in the battery metals supply chains - however the industry is still working out how to make it both technologically and economically viable.

  • This session will examine the technical advancements happening in the recycling space, corporate and investment opportunities, regulation and other key drivers for the industry, and more.


Chris Berry, President, House Mountain Partners

Landon Berns, Trader, Traxys

Robin Fielder, Analyst, Battery Materials, BMO Capital Markets


Supply and Demand for Tech Metals in China

  • This session will examine the supply and demand dynamics for a variety of tech metals within the Chinese market as well as look at China’s battery industry and technologies and note the impact of differing approaches to battery chemistries

Ian Roper, Commodity Strategist, Astris Advisory