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121 Group organises invitation-only investor introduction and deal sourcing events for the mining, oil & gas and technology sectors, globally.


We connect CEOs & funds 1-2-1.

121 Group organises invitation-only investor introduction and deal sourcing events for the natural resources, technology and property sectors, globally.

By providing an exclusive forum built around a focused and targeted meeting programme, 121 events provide a time and resource efficient way for companies to meet new investors and for investors to appraise a range of opportunities.

A proven track record.

We’ve been busy since our launch in 2014…

121 Investment events





1-2-1 investor meetings.

Pre-scheduled programme of meetings where investors and company CEOs meet 1-2-1.

World class content.

Interactive investor-led panels and analyst briefings discussing key investment themes.

Superb networking.

Networking functions where you can find partners to take your business to the next stages.

How does it work?

1. Register – Entry is restricted to qualified investors, analysts and company executives keeping every meeting focused on investment and financing discussion

2. Pre-arrange meetings – Prior to the summit, all investor/analyst participants will receive a list of the corporates participating in the event, along with information about their projects. Simply select those companies whose management teams you would like to meet and we will build you a personalised schedule of 1-2-1 meetings.

3. Attend – Events are built around two days of pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings alongside a two-day conference programme packed with investor insight panels, analyst market updates and CEO spotlight presentations.

Our sectors.

Hong Kong, Cape Town, London, New York, Singapore & Sydney
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See for yourself.

What people have said about 121 Events.

  • "The fact that both corporate and the buy side can properly research each other before a meeting is crucial, combined with the input of the 121 staff themselves. An engaged proactive 121 team meant we had a full two days of actually useful meetings."

    Laurence Read - Victoria Oil and Gas
  • "It's second to none...you get 1-2-1 appointments, and there is no other conference around the world where I could get that number of appointments in one place at one time."

    Adrian Griffin - Lithium Australia
  • “121 Mining Investment continues to be our premier choice for conducting high-quality buy-side meetings. The high-calibre attendees and professional venue make it a very effective and worthwhile event."

    Brent Nykolation - NEXTSOURCE Materials
  • "It’s probably the best format for a conference that I’ve been to. There’s not that trade show element that can happen in some of these forums."

    Bradley Drabsch – Trek Metals
  • "It brings rapid 30 minute meetings with very interested, dedicated people, big potential stakeholders, shareholders, investors, bankers – all sorts of people related to what we need to complete this project."

    Guy Bourassa – Nemaska Lithium
  • "The success of 121 is quite amazing in terms of the model. For us it really addresses most of our needs. We support them 100%."

    Glen Parsons - Awalé Resources
  • “The 121 summits do an excellent job of making conferences relevant, efficient and convenient for buy side investors, they are a pleasure to attend, and I always leave with a few new names to add to the portfolios.”

    Amanda van Dyke - South River Asset Management
  • “I thought the quality of the companies and ease of scheduling the meetings was excellent. We will definitely be attending future conferences.”

    John McDade - Magna Investments
  • "It seems like every year the companies have been getting better and better, which is great. From past years, we've had some great companies that we've met and invested in and done really well."

    Jorge Ramiro Monroy - Emerging Markets Capital