Giyani Metals


Primary ticker: TSXV:EMM
Stage of development:  Development
Primary minerals: Battery metals
Project to promote: K.Hill
Project location: Botswana
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Giyani Metals is focused on becoming one of Africa’s first low-carbon producers of battery raw materials for the EV industry through the development of its K.Hill project in Botswana. The Company will produce high-purity manganese sulphate monohydrate (HPMSM), a precursor material used in most lithium-ion cathodes, directly from manganese oxide ore. Giyani continues to progress with the development of K.Hill, highlighted by the recent release of a Feasibility Study on the Project and the construction of a demonstration plant to produce HPMSM for qualification with major EV manufacturers and battery companies in 2023.

Cash: CAD$16M
Debt: NIL

Major shareholders:
RAB Capital – 9%
Primevest Capital – 3%
MMCAP – 3%
Black Maple – 3%
APAC Resources – 2%
Management Ownership – 3%

Management Profile

George Donne – VP Business Development
George Donne is VP Business Development of Giyani and has over 20 years’ experience in mining investment and management, starting in JP Morgan’s Mining Investment Banking team. He has worked on projects across various Emerging Markets including Africa and South America. Prior to joining Giyani, he was a senior investment professional at Greenstone Resources, a mining-specialist private equity fund.

What is your rationale for taking part in 121 Mining Investment?

We are looking to update and engage with investors as we progress the development of the K.Hill project, including the construction of our demonstration plant

What recent news would you like to highlight to investors attending?

14 November 2022 – Results of its Feasibility Study for the K.Hill Battery-Grade Manganese Project

29 September 2022 – Results of Life Cycle Assessment Study for the K.Hill Battery Manganese Project demonstrating estimated scope 1 & 2 emissions impact of only 1.4kg CO2/kg HPMSM

06 September 2022 – Signing of Construction Contract for the K.Hill Battery Manganese Project Demonstration Plant

What are your key goals for the next 3, 6 and 12 months?

3 Months:
Submission of ESIA and commencement of mining licence application.

6 Months:
Upgrade of resource base at K.Hill Extension and Otse prospects, and completion of demo plant construction12 Months:
Product qualification with potential customers, moving towards commercial offtake terms

12 Months:
Commissioning of demonstration plant and product qualification with potential customers, full permitting of the K.Hill project and moving towards commercial offtake terms.

What do you see as the key risks and challenges facing your company at the moment and how are you overcoming these?

Supply chain and inflationary pressures remain a significant challenge to the development of any new operation. We have developed our K.Hill project to be a low-tonnage, high margin project and so capable of weathering operating and capital cost rises.

What do you think makes your company such a compelling investment?

K.Hill is one of the largest high purity manganese sulphate projects in advanced development outside of China and is ideally located to service the global battery markets. Demand for HPMSM is expected to rise around 10x by 2030 and currently China supplies +90% global production, driving the EV industry to look for responsible sources of supply for low cost, mass market EV batteries. As demonstrated by the K.Hill Feasibility study, Giyani’s production process is predicted to have a substantially lower carbon footprint than current Chinese producers and has significant upside to further grow the project through its resources and capacity.

What are the top 3 key investor takeaways?

1. Demand for high purity manganese sulphate, a critical battery metal, is set to increase ten-fold over the next decade with a significant supply demand deficit. With +90% of supply comes from China so alternatives sources are in high demand by OEMs and EV companies.

2. The construction of demonstration plant will provide a platform to facilitate off-take contracts with battery and OEM customers and highlight the low carbon process that makes Giyani an ideal partner for the supply of a critical battery material.

3. The K.Hill project is one of the largest battery-grade manganese projects currently in development with strong environmental and social credentials, a clear roadmap to production and significant geological upside that offers the potential to further extended mine.