Mantaro Precious Metals Corp


Primary ticker: TSXV:MNTR
Stage of development: Exploration
Primary minerals: Gold, Silver
Project to promote: Golden Hill
Project location: Bolivia, Peru

Mantaro Precious Metals has a portfolio of Advance, High-Grade Gold and Silver Exploration projects in Bolivia and Peru. Mantaro is uniquely positioned to discover and advance projects in under-explored Bolivia. Mantaro currently has a drill program underway at its Golden Hill Project in Bolivia, which has the potential to be a district-scale discovery as it has never been explored but has proven mineral presence due to previous small-scale mining activity. The drill-ready Santas Gloria Silver Project, located in a prolific precious metal mining region in Peru, has also had previous small-scale mining activity but has never been drill-tested.


Debt: NIL

Major shareholders:
Management Ownership – 10%

What is your rationale for taking part in 121 Mining Investment?

We are looking to increase Market recognition of Mantaro. With our announcement of our newly appointed CEO and recently commenced drill program we are excited to tell the Mantaro story and engage new investors and funds.

What recent news would you like to highlight to investors attending?

Drill program at Golden Hill, Bolivia underway in May.

What are your key goals in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months?

3 Months:

Complete drilling program at Golden Hill in Boliva with positive results; be ready for drilling at Santas Gloria in Peru.

6 Months:

Potentially further expand Bolivia holdings in the Golden Hill district as well as define a mineral resource at Golden Hill. Commence drilling at Santas Gloria in Peru.


12 Months:

Potentially commence a second drill program at Golden Hill to produce/expand a mineral resource estimate and test additional high-value targets regionally. Complete a drill program and potentially a mineral resource estimate at Santas Gloria in Peru.

What do you see as the key risks and challenges facing your company at the moment and how are you overcoming these?

Successfully executing on our drill program in a timely fashion to hit major targets and produce anticipated results. The Company will need to raise additional capital to commence a second drill program at Golden Hill.

What do you think makes your company such a compelling investment?

We are ‘early movers’ in ‘up-and-coming’ Bolivia with a competitive valuation and a fully-funded drill program underway with aspirations of proving the concept of the Golden Hill district as it is previously unexplored but supported by historic small-scale mining activity.

What are the top 3 key investor takeaways?

1. District-scale exploration opportunity, de-risked by historic mining activity.
2. Uniquely positioned to discover and advance projects in under-explored Bolivia.
3. Competitive valuation with strong cash position to fully fund current drill program.