Day 1

Wednesday 20 March 2019

08:00 Registration and morning coffee

08:50 Conference opening

09:00 Special Guest Interview with:
George Fang, Executive Director, Senior Executive Vice, President, Zijin Mining Group

09:20 Mining Investment Leaders Panel: Mining investment 2019 – mining at an inflection point?
• After a subdued 2018, is the sector gearing up for a rebound in 2019?
• From trade wars to economic stimulus – how will political factors help and/or hinder the sector in 2019
• Capital deployment – to what extent should miners be looking to invest in growth in 2019 to satisfy future demand?
• Key growth drivers and investment opportunities in 2019

Panellists include:
Warren Gilman, Chairman, CEF Holdings
Scott Marsh, Portfolio Manager, Hawkes Point Capital
Andrew Ferrier, Investment Director, Pacific Road Capital
Julian Babarczy, Portfolio Manager & Head of Australian Equities, Regal Funds Management

10:00 Mining company CEO briefings
10:00 George Lloyd, Corporate Development, PT Merdeka Copper Gold
10:10 Richard Young, President & CEO, Teranga Gold
10:20 Mark Zeptner, Managing Director, Ramelius Resources
10:30 Shane Sikora, Managing Director, Rumble Resources
10:40 Peter Albert, CEO, Highfield Resources
10:50 Trevor Benson,, Executive Chairman, Walkabout Resources

11:00 Analyst insight: China commodity price trends and market outlook to 2020
• Trade war to be resolved or to continue? Why there are reasons for optimism either way
• China’s capacity for stimulus and other potential drivers for demand growth: Belt & Road, Made in China 2025 etc.
• Domestic mining: Where next for production cuts?
• Impact on base, bulks and speciality metals prices
Ian Roper, General Manager, SMM Singapore

11:30 Mining company CEO briefings
11:30 Daniel Major, CEO, GoviEx Uranium
11:40 Paul Burton, Managing Director, TNG Ltd
11:50 Alwyn Vorster, Managing Director, BCI Minerals
12:00 David Mason, Managing Director, Dark Horse Resources
12:10 Geoff Eyre, CFO, Avesoro Resources
12:20 James Fox, Managing Director & CEO, PNX Metals
12:30 Stephen Wetherall, Managing Director & CEO, Lucapa Diamond
12:40 Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President & CEO, Trilogy Metals
12:50 David Paull, Managing Director, Aspire Mining

13:00 Lunch and networking

14:00 Funding options for mining entrepreneurialism
Bert Koth, Managing Director & Partner, Denham Capital

14:30 Mining company CEO briefings
14:30 Peter Hambro,Chairman, IRC limited
14:40 Sam Spring, President & CEO, Kincora Copper
14:50 Jeremy Read, Managing Director, Pursuit Minerals
15:00 Lindsay Owler, Director & CEO, Argonaut Resources
15:10 Sergei Stefanovich, Managing Director, Orsu Metals
15:20 David Grondin, President & CEO, TomaGold

15:30 Commodity focus panel: Gold mining investment outlook – The hottest commodity in 2019?
• Supply, demand and price outlook for 2019
• How did gold mining equities perform in 2018 and how are macro factors driving performance in 2019
• To what extent has a strong dollar masked strong gold performance?
• With gold producers performing strongly in 2019, should we expect a wave of M&A and consolidation this year?
• How to play the gold mining equities market in 2019/20

Panellists include:
Andrew Ballingal, CEO & CIO, Ballingal Investment Advisors
Samson Li, Senior Metals Analyst, GFMS Refinitiv
Richard Young, President & CEO, Teranga Gold

16:10 Mining company CEO briefings
16:10 Tom Sanders, Executive Chairman, Breaker Resources
16:20 Paul Cronin, Director, Adriatic Metals
16:30 Maximilian Sali, CEO, Barrian Mining
16:40 Nick Castleden, Managing Director, Apollo Consolidated

16:50 Day one wrap-up

17:00 Day one wrap-up and Pool Lounge Drinks Reception