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65 mining production, development and exploration companies attended our October 2018 edition. Qualified investors who would like to arrange 1-2-1 meeting with companies at our upcoming 121 Mining Investment Hong Kong 2019 event should click here for investor registration.

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Mining CompanyPrimary TickerStageCommodityProject location
Aeris ResourcesASX:AISExploration/ProductionCopperAustralia
Alice QueenASX:AQXExplorationGold, CopperAustralia
American LithiumTSXV:LIExplorationLithiumUSA
American Pacific Borate & LithiumASX:ABRExploration/DevelopmentBorate, Lithium, SOPUSA
Angkor Gold
ExplorationGold, Copper
Antipa MineralsASX:AZYExplorationGold, Copper, CobaltAustralia
Arafura ResourcesASX:ARUDevelopmentRare Earth NdPr Australia
Artemis Resources
Cobalt, Gold, Copper
Aspire Mining ASX: AKMExploration/DevelopmentCoking CoalMongolia
Aston BayTSXV:BAYExplorationCopper, ZincCanada
Ausgold ASX:AUCExplorationGoldAustralia
AVZ MineralsASX:AVZExplorationLithiumDemocratic Republic of Congo
Barksdale CapitalTSXV:BROExplorationCopper, Zinc, Lead, Silver, GoldUSA
Bellevue GoldASX:BGLExplorationGoldAustralia
Bezant ResourcesAIM:BZT
ExplorationGold, CopperPhilippines and Argentina
Bounty MiningASX:B2Y Development/ProductionCoking coalAustralia
Egan Street ResourcesASX:EGAExploration/DevelopmentGoldAustralia
Exore ResourcesASX:ERXExplorationGoldCote d'Ivoire, West Africa
Far Resources CSE:FAT ExplorationLithiumCanada
Fission UraniumTSX:FCUExploration/DevelopmentUraniumCanada
Fura GemsTSXV:FURAExploration/Development/ProductionColoured Gemstone Mozambique, Colombia
Galan Lithium ASX:GLNExplorationLithiumArgentina
Giga MetalsTSXV:GIGAExplorationNickel, CobaltCanada
Giyani Metals TSXV:WDGExploration/ProductionManganeseBotswana
Golden Iron ResourcesPrivateExploration/DevelopmentGoldAustralia
Goldplay ExplorationTSXV:GPLYExploration/DevelopmentGold, SilverMexico
Goliath ResourcesTSXV: GOT; OTCQB: GOTRF; FSE: B4IEExplorationPrecious Metals
Great Boulder ResourcesASX:GBRExploration/Development
Copper, Nickel, Cobalt
Western Australia
INV Metals
Gold with by-product copper and silver
Kairos MineralsASX:KAIExplorationGold, Lithium, CobaltAustralia
Kalium LakesASX:KLLExploration/DevelopmentSulphate, PotashAustralia
Kopore MetalsASX:KMTExplorationCopper, SilverRepublic of Botswana, Namibia
Libero Copper TSXV:LBCExplorationCopperUSA, Colombia
Liontown ResourcesASX:LTRExplorationLithium, VanadiumAustralia
Lithium ChileTSXV:LITHExplorationLithiumChile
Lithoquest DiamondsTSXV:LDIExplorationDiamondsAustralia
M2 CobaltTSX:MCExplorationCopper, CobaltUganda, East Africa
Mayur ResourcesASX:MRLExploration/Development/ProductionIndustrial Minerals, Coal, Power, Cement & Copper GoldPNG
Medusa MiningASX:MMLExploration/ProductionGoldPhilippines
Metalla Royalty & Streaming TSXV:MTAExploration/Development/ProductionGold, SilverGlobal
Millennial LithiumTSXV:MLExploration/DevelopmentLithiumArgentina
New Energy MineralsASX:NXEDevelopmentVanadium, GraphiteMozambique
North American NickelTSXV:NANExploration
Nickel, Copper
Norwest MineralsASX:NWMExplorationGold, Copper, NickelAustralia
Nzuri CopperASX:NZCExploration/DevelopmentCopper, Cobalt Democratic Republic of the Congo
Pacific Rim CobaltTSX:BOLTExplorationCobalt, NickelIndonesia
Peninsula MinesASX:PSMExplorationGraphite, Zinc, Lead, CopperSouth Korea
Pioneer ResourcesASX:PIOExploration/ProductionCaesium, Cobalt, Lithium, Nickel, Potassium feldspar, GoldCanada, Australia
Plateau Energy Metals TSXV:PLUExploration/DevelopmentLithium, UraniumPeru
Portofino ResourcesTSXV:PORExplorationLithiumCatamarca Province, Argentina
Pursuit MineralsASX:PURExplorationVanadiumFinland, Sweden
RNC MineralsTSX:RNXProduction/DevelopmentGold, NickelAustralia, Canada
Serra Pelada GoldPrivateDevelopment
Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Ruthenium, Cobalt
Para State Brazil
SolGoldLSE:SOLG; TSX:SOLGExploration/DevelopmentCopper, GoldEcuador
Southern GoldASX: SAUExploration/DevelopmentGold, SilverSouth Korea
Talisman MiningASX:TLMExploration/DevelopmentCopper, Gold, NickelAustralia
Technology Metals AustraliaASX:TMTDevelopmentVanadiumAustralia
Teranga GoldTSX:TGZExploration/Development/ProductionGoldBurkina Faso, Senegal
Terramin AustraliaASX:TZNDevelopmentZinc, GoldAlgeria, Australia
TNG LtdASX:TNGExploration/DevelopmentVanadium, Titanium and IronAustralia
Trilogy MetalsTSX:TMQ; NYSE:TMQExploration/DevelopmentCopper, Zinc, Lead, Gold, Silver, and CobaltUSA
Tyranna ResourcesASX:TYXExplorationGoldAustralia
Victoria GoldTSXV:VIT DevelopmentGoldCanada
Walkabout ResourcesASX:WKTExploration/DevelopmentGraphite, Lithium, Gold, Copper, CobaltTanzania
White Rock MineralsASX:WRMExploration/DevelopmentZinc, Gold, SilverAustralia, USA
ZincX ResourcesTSXV:ZNXExplorationZinc, Lead, SilverCanada

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