Agenda – Day One

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Registration and Morning Coffee
Welcome to Las Vegas and Business Card Exchange
Leaders in Mining Investment Panel
Commodities through a perfect storm of inflation and economic instability
  • Discussing the macroeconomics conditions for markets, supply chains and strong dollar - what are investors most concerned about?

  •  Investor views on Xi’s pivot and China’s outlook since reopening yet facing a flagging property sector

  • Industrial inventory levels - is this the defining factor for industrial metals markets? Where does USA sit as a net consumer not producer of metals?

  • As commodities have endured the global economic downturn better than most sectors, how and where should institutional investors increase their allocation to metals near term?

  • Has the Inflation Reduction Act sparked the beginnings of a critical minerals super-cycle? Being a metals consumer is tricky in this market.

  • How are inflationary pressures impacting profitability

  • Hunting quality assets in a slow market - will M&A activity pick up from 2022?

Carl Tricoli, Managing Partner, Denham Capital
Kevin Smith
, Founder & CEO, Crescat Capital

Analyst Briefing
Commodities outlook - a look through the dynamics of metals and mining supply and demand
  • Top drivers and headwinds impacting metals markets

  • Which metals are set to perform well against the physical and financial markets today

  • Across the metals complex where is the greatest supply tightness?

Mining CEO Presentations
Gold Briefing
A look through the dynamics of metals and mining supply and demand
  • Assessing the positive start to the year, what is different now? Outlook for the current rally to sustain

  • 2022 saw the highest rate of Central Bank buying since 1967 as reserves are diversified. What does this indicate?

  • How have equities performed against the pysical metal and ETFs?

  • How are miners addressing the greatest resource replacement?

Jeff Clark, Gold & Silver Analyst, The Gold Advisor

Mining CEO Presentations
Networking Lunch
Establishing the true costs, barriers and opportunity created in the Energy transition
  • Opportunities and challenges pivoting to a cleaner energy producing country

  • Where do the investment opportunities lie in the shift towards decarbonisation?

  • Developments in clean processing and circularity

  • Unpacking the Inflation Reduction Act

  • Exploring the key challenges

Mining CEO Presentations
Silver Briefing
Making the investment case for Silver and a look across the mining equities

David Morgan, Chief Editor, The Morgan Report

Precious Metals Investment Panel
Opportunity in precious metals and their equities for both generalist specialist portfolios
  • How are miners looking at the resource replacement challenge? Is organic growth coming back to the table vs M&A?

  • How should generalist portfolios look at exposure to gold and silver now? What role are equities playing? Is it too late to position given recent moves?

  • Fundamental supply and demand drivers for gold

  • Will silver always trail? Discuss correlations

  • The pool of silver miners is relatively small, so what is attracting large institutions and pension funds back to equities?

Jeff Clark, Gold & Silver Analyst, The Gold Advisor
David Morgan, Chief Editor, The Morgan Report

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