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Investor Panel Discussions

Leader’s in mining investment panel: Discussing the sentiment for metals and mining projects amid differentiated commodity markets

• How are natural resource funds and financiers interpreting the big picture amid global pandemic fallout and looming recession?
• Views on effectiveness of government stimulus packages
• Could good industry discipline of the last five years help mining companies endure a prolonged bear market?
• How is the capital formation journey evolving for mining companies? Where is the risk capital likely to come from over this next decade? Are equities more attractive now for fund managers?
• Capital discipline versus growth – can miners focus on developing new projects while continuing to attract investors through cost of capital? What do investors want to see in terms of company activity?

Cailey Barker, Director – Natural Resources, Blackrock
Gervais Williams, Senior Executive Director & MD, Premier Miton Investors
Caroline Donally, Managing Partner, Denham Capital

Investor panel: ESG risks and opening up financing options in mining

• Environmental, social and governance best practices are no longer niche – how can mining turn a corner to attract new sources of capital and co-investment from ESG mandated funds?
• How could a global pandemic and financial markets fall out change corporate and investor mindsets towards ESG? Will it be lower on the list than delivering shareholder value?
• How can miners justify their position in a portfolio: clearer social purpose; human rights due diligence; provenance; minimising environmental impacts
• Where do ESG indices and funds get the data they base their investment decisions on? Issues with multiplication of standards
• Could ESG risk become commoditised and how can industry safeguard against that?
• How can mining better communicate it’s societal benefits? Is the promise of decarbonisation and a tremendous infrastructure rebuild the story mining should latch onto?

Carole Cable, Partner, Brunswick Group

Alan Knight, General Manager Corporate Responsibility, ArcelorMittal
Adam Matthews, General Manager Corporate Responsibility, Church of England Pension Board
Kieran Laird, General Partner – Public Law & Regulation Team, Gowling WLG
Jon Samuel, Group Head of Group Head of Responsible Business Partnerships, Anglo American
Jessica Fung, Vice President, Pala Investments

Precious metals investor panel: Perspectives on the Gold market and opportunities for the long term investor

• Investor views on gold mining equities’ recent weakness and correlation to the market sell-off
• Drawing parallels between this market and the 2008 financial crisis – could gold stocks experience a strong rebound first?
• Will market risk shift generalists into hedge strategies and boost physical gold further? How can we expect the gold price to react?
• How have major miners through to the junior set responded to evolving ESG risks?
• Consolidation across the sector – thoughts on recent M&A versus organic growth coming back on company agenda

Angelos Damascos, CEO & Founder, Sector Resource Managers
Ian Williams, CEO, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers

Mining investment roundtable: Portfolio strategies to exploit the next phase of the mining cycle

• How do investor see risk and reward at this point in the market?
• Identifying value beyond market benchmarks – which types of company could prove attractive and beat markets to recovery?
• Key company metrics when considering when to invest
• How can juniors access the widest range of investors in a new climate for cleaner and socially conscious businesses?
• Motivations and risks for juniors of listing vs taking a private route

Charles Bond, Partner Gowling WLG

Vera Ivanova, Investment Director, AMED Funds
David Street, Co-Founder & CEO, Tembo Capital
Verne Grinstead, Senior Adviser, ANRH

Mine finance panel: Attracting alternative sources of finance beyond the public markets

• Transitions in how capital is formed for junior companies – how
are traditional and alternative forms of project finance helping
tackle the liquidity gap left by public markets?
• Where are specialist PE funds seeing opportunities among juniors?
• As a key part of the capital raising journey how is the bank lending environment evolving?
• How reactive and willing are alternative lenders to restructure facilities and allocate new capital in the face of project delays, cost overruns etc?
• Maintaining an appropriate level of control over a project without being too onerous and conflicting project outcomes

Mark Sawyer, Senior Partner, Greenstone Resources
Huw Williams, Senior Banker, EBRD
Randy Smallwood, CEO, Wheaton Precious Metals

Ian Coles, Partner, Mayer Brown

Analyst Briefings

Analyst briefing: Assessing the global health of metals markets and a paradigme shift to ESG investing

• Supply and demand fundamentals across metals markets
• ESG evolving financial markets – where will capital flow from?
• Metals important for future technologies
• What are miners doing to address challenges – abatement, productivity, portfolio repositioning, accounting

Michael Widmer, Commodities Strategist, Bank of America


Analyst briefing: Insights on commodity markets throughout COVID-19

• Where do metals markets stand amid global pandemic fallout and the outlook of recession
• Metals and mining sector recovery versus global economy
• Demand forecasts and strong commodity performers

Colin Hamilton, MD Commodities Research, BMO


Cobalt briefing: Analysis of the material upside and downside risks in the cobalt market

• Industry mega trends changing the demand outlook – how are shifts in the batteries and EV market impacting the outlook for cobalt?
• Supply-side scenarios, prevalent risks and potential bottlenecks – is there potential for a price boom period?
• Capital flows into new projects – where are there new opportunities for investors?
• Cobalt juniors realistic expectations from investors and financiers

George Heppel, Senior Analyst, Cobalt, Lithium & Battery Markets, CRU


Rare earths briefing: Market outlook for Rare Earth Elements – adoption projections to meet a greener future

• Key applications driving demand
• Supply chain development, dealing with complex metallurgy and risky jurisdictions
• China’s sunset priod – moves to acquire new projects
• What is needed to bring projects into production successfully

Luisa Moreno, MD, Equities Analyst, Tahuti Global