Day 1

08:00 – Registration and morning coffee

08:50 – Welcome and business card exchange

09:00 – Investment Leader’s panel: Outlook on metals and mining and the opportunities for new investments

• How are leading funds interpreting the key economic drivers in metals markets – Sino-US trade wars; interest rates; global growth slow down; strong gold prices
• With the mining industry in need of new capital now, are metal shortages inevitable? Will investors be enticed to buy into improved fundamentals?
• When will the period of dividend focus ease off and the appetite for building return? Are greater capital flows into the junior tier expected 2020?
• With geological and political and above ground risks mounting, what will it take for new projects to find funding?

Panellists include:
Neil Gregson, Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan Global Natural Resources Fund
Mark Burridge, Managing Partner, Baker Steel Capital
Hans-Arne L’orange, Head of Metals & Mining, Clarksons Platou Securities
Carl Tricoli,
Founder and Managing Partner, Denham Capital

Mining CEO Presentations

09:40 Mike Utting, VP Investor Relations, Kirkland Lake Gold
09:50 Alya Samokhvaloa, Deputy CEO, Petropavlosk
10:00 Gerorge Paspalas, President & CEO, MAG Silver
10:10 Richard Young, President & CEO, Teranga Gold
10:20 Greg McCunn, CEO, Asanko Gold
10:30 Bruce McLeod, President & CEO, Sabina Gold & Silver
10:40 Igor Gonzalez, President & CEO, Sierra Metals
10:50 David Cates, President & CEO, Denison Mines

11:00 – Analyst briefing: Global outlook on mined commodities

• Making sense of the pysical and financial markets today
• What lies ahead for commodities – Demand outlook and supply gaps
• Update on China – growth, outward investment and policy driven activity
• How promising is the new market for EVs and clenaer fuels for metals demand?
• Capital flowing into resource replacement

Colin Hamilton, MD, Commodities Research, BMO

Mining CEO presentations

11:30 George Lloyd, Corporate Development, Merdeka Copper Gold
11:40 Alexander Molyneux, MD & CEO, Galena Mining
11:50 Dominic Duffy, President, CEO & Director, Mandalay Resources
12:00 Olivier Vadillo, Investor Relations, Highfield Resources
12:10 James Gowans, Interim President & CEO, Trilogy Metals
12:20 Killian Charles, VP Corporate Development, Osisko Metals
12:30 Paul Burton, MD & CEO, TNG
12:40 Max Porterfield, President & CEO, Callinex Mines
12:50 Darren Klinck, President & CEO, Bluestone Resources

13:00 – Lunch and Networking

14:00 – Private Equity Panel: Bridging the equity gap – Where are Specialist PE funds seeing opportunity and creating value in commodity markets?

• A private equity fund manager’s view on the state of mining markets
• What are some of the in-house macro themes driving mining private equity investments?
• Competing for the best assets – is competition beginning to pinch for the best projects?
• How do portfolio managers leverage a global, multicommodity network to complement existing mining teams?
• How is ESG critical in the investment decision making process?

Bert Koth, MD & Partner, Denham Mining Fund
Russ Cranswick, Partner, Head of Opportunities Fund, Resource Capital Funds
Peter Ruxton, Partner, Tembo Capital

Mining CEO Presentations

14:30 John Proust, Chairman & CEO, Japan Gold
14:40 Lindsay Owler, Director & CEO, Argonaut Resources
14:50 Scott Trebilcock, President & CEO, Kore Mining
15:00 Mark Child, Chairman & CEO, Condor Gold
15:10 Grant Harris, Managing Director, Alta Zinc
15:20 William Sheriff, Executive Chairman, Golden Predator
15:30 Benjamin Cooper, President, Class 1 Nickel
15:40 Juan Gavidia, President & CEO, Orvana Minerals
15:50 Glenn Parsons, President & CEO, Awale

16:00 – Leaders in mining investment Roundtable: Where can the best opportunities in complex markets be found?

• What is the best approach to the mining sector in the current market?
• What does a good mining investment look like and are there enough projects available?
• Can innovation and strong company performance minimizing investors exposure to commodity price dips?
• What powers do nimble juniors bring bear in current markets?
• Increasing dividends, defensive credentials, reducing costs, debt free – How will miners win back investors in 2020?

John Meyer,Partner & Head of Research, SP Angel
Jamie Strauss,
Founding Partner, Strauss Partners
Alain Corbani,
Portfolio Manager, Finance SA

Mining CEO presentations

16:30 Jeremy McManus, GM, Commercial & Investor Relations, Neometals
16:40 Paul Cronin, Executive Director, Adriatic Metals
16:50 Andrew Thomson, President, Palamina
17:00 Edward Mead, Executive Director, Artemis Resources
17:10 Mikhail Damrin, CEO, Kopy Goldfields
17:20 Bernard Aylward, CEO, Kodal Minerals

17:30 – 121 Mining Investment networking drinks