Day 1

08:00 – Registration and morning coffee

08:50 – Welcome and business card exchange

09:00 – Investment Leader’s panel: Outlook on metals and mining and the opportunities for new investments

• With the mining industry in need of new capital now, are metal shortages inevitable? Will investors be enticed to buy into improved fundamentals?
• When will the period of dividend focus ease off and the appetite for building and buying return? Could capital permeate down to the junior tier if reputation returns?
• Key economic drivers capturing leading funds attention in 2020 – quicker-than-expected slowdown in China, interest rates, global economic growth?
• Developing projects insnt getting easier with geological and political and above ground risks – What will it take for new projects to get the green light?

Panellists include:
Caily Barker, Director, BlackRock
Neil Gregson, Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan Global Natural Resources Fund
Mark Burridge, Managing Partner, Baker Steel Capital
Hans-Arne L’orange, Head of Metals & Mining, Clarksons Platou Securities

09:40 – Mining CEO Presentations

11:00 – Analyst briefing: Global outlook on mined commodities

• Making sense of the pysical and financial markets today
• What lies ahead for commodities – Demand outlook and supply gaps
• Update on China – growth, outward investment and policy driven activity
• How promising is the new market for EVs and clenaer fuels for metals demand?
• Capital flowing into resource replacement

Colin Hamilton, MD, Commodities Research,BMO

11:30 – Mining CEO presentations

13:00 – Lunch and Networking

14:00 – Private Equity Panel: Bridging the equity gap – Where are Specialist PE funds seeing opportunity and creating value in commodity markets?

• A private equity fund manager’s view on the state of mining markets
• What are some of the in-house macro themes driving mining private equity investments?
• Competing for the best assets – is competition beginning to pinch for the best projects?
• How do portfolio managers leverage a global, multicommodity network to complement existing mining teams?
• How is ESG critical in the investment decision making process?

Bert Koth, Partner, Denham Capital Senior representative, Resource Capital Funds
Mike Price, London Representative,Resource Capital Funds
David Street, Partner,Tembo Capital

14:40 – Mining CEO Presentations

16:00 – Leaders in mining investment Roundtable: Where can the best opportunities in complex markets be found?

• What is the best approach to the mining sector in the current market?
• What does a good mining investment look like and are there enough projects available?
• Can innovation and strong company performance minimizing investors exposure to commodity price dips?
• What powers do nimble juniors bring bear in current markets?
• Increasing dividends, defensive credentials, reducing costs, debt free – How will miners win back investors in 2020?

Rob Crayfourd, Portfolio Manager, NCIM

16:30 – Mining CEO presentations

17:30 – 121 Mining Investment networking drinks