Day 2

08:00 – Registration and morning refreshments

08:50 – Conference opening

09:00 – Precious metals investor panel: Are the conditions in place for the bullish mood to continue?

• Investor outlook on gold markets at the close of a turbulent year in geopolitics
• Where are we in the central banking cycle and how is this influencing gold markets?
• Are gold and silver equities becoming more relevant for the generalist versus ETFs and options on the metals?
• How have miners been performing relative to their share price?
• Has consolidation and M&A among gold miners stalled? How have higher gold prices affect the M&A scene?
• Exploration outlook – where are the high grade, economically recoverable and sustainable discoveries going to come from?
• How do investors see silver in a diversified portfolio now? Is silver over it’s perilous period?

Panellists include:
Thomas Holl, Portfolio Manager, Blackrock
Ian Williams, CEO, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Management
Lawrence Lepard, Partner, Equity Management Association
Angelos Damaskos, CEO, Sector Investment Managers
George Cheveley, Portfolio Manager, Investec Asset Management

Mining CEO presentations

09:40 Archie Koimtsidis, CEO & MD, Cardinal Resources
09:50 Rob Macdonald, VP Exploration, Southern Silver Exploration
10:00 Nigel Ferguson, MAnaging Director, AVZ Minerals
10:10 James Buskard, President, Nevada Exploration
10:20 Cal Everett, President & CEO, Liberty Gold
10:30 Stephen Quin, President & CEO, Midas Gold
10:40 Tim Warman, CEO, Fiore Gold

10:50 – Battery Materials panel: Making the investment case – A look across the value chain of battery raw materials

• Battery materials are now as strategic as oil, essential to the energy and mobility transition – how are specialist funds and capital providers responding to this?
• Security of supply to meet ambitious electrification goals – Signifcance of Rio’s new California lithium discovery
• With long term demand story apparently strong, where and when will the larger patient capital emerge from? Is this a junior mining issue or industry wide issue?
• Early impacts of China’s NEV industry switch from policy to market-driven
• Metals price impacting battery chemistry

Panellists include:
Aline Carnizelo, Portfolio Manager, Pala Investment
Michael Insulán, Analyst, Eurasian Resources Group
Simon Gardner-Bond, Senior Executive Vice President, Techmet
Caspar Ralwes,
Senior Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Mining CEO presentations

11:30 Michael Harrison, Interim President & CEO, Sprott Resource Holdings Inc
11:40 David Kelly, President & CEO, Chakana Copper
11:50 Sam Spring, President & CEO, Kincora Copper
12:00 Steve Blower, VP Exploration, IsoEnergy
12:10 Marshall Koval, CEO, Lumina Gold
12:20 Brian Wesson, President & CEO, Nordic Gold
12:30 Daniel Major, CEO, Goviex
12:40 Hugh Agro, President & CEO, Revival Gold
12:50 Carlos Vicens, CFO, NeoLithium

13:00 – Lunch and Networking

14:00 – Mine finance panel: Successful alternative financing solutions and their growing adoption

• How are alternative finance providers seizing an opportunity in complex markets to feed much needed capital into the industry?
• Streaming royalties, specialist private equity funds, off-takers; how can companies go about securing the right forms of finance beyond the public bourse?
• Who is building the next generation of world class mining projects?
• Looser governance and moving quickly, hwo are banks responding to mine finance changing the dynamic of debt markets?

Panellists include:

Kevin Flynn, CFO, Anglo Pacific
Brett Heath, President & CEO, Metalla Royalty & Streaming
David Awram, Senior Executive Vice President, Sandstorm Gold
Philip Clegg,
Portfolio Manager, Orion Resource Partners

Mining CEO presentations

14:30 Paul Andre Huet, Executive Chairman, RNC Minerals
14:40 Michael Brown, MD & CEO, Chesser Resources
14:50 Frazer Tabeart, Managing Director, Polar X
15:00 Darwin Greenm, President & CEO, High Gold Mining
15:10 Chris Gerteisen, Non-Executive Director, Nova Minerals
15:20 Joe Kaderavek, CFO, Cobalt Blue

15:30 – Analyst insight: The rise of batrery megafactories and their materials impace

• Recent developments in energy and metals markets
• Horizon for supply deficite
• Demand forecast for cleaner raw materials over the next decade

Caspar Ralwes, Senior Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Mining CEO presentations

16:00 JP Varga de la Vega, Managing Director, Galan Lithium
16:10 Tim Livesey, CEO, Oriole Resources
16:20 David Mason, Managing Director, Dark Horse Resources
16:30 Brendan Borg, Managing Director, Tempus Resources
16:40 Simon Jackson, Managing Director, Kopore Metals
16:50 Teo Dechev, CEO, President & Director, Mundoro Capital

17:00 – Closing remarks and networking drinks

17:00 – The 121end of year drinks party

Join us for music, food, wine and spirits at County Hall’s 4th floor networking space to celebrate and close out the year. Additional guests and colleagues are welcome to attend.

21:00 – End of event

Thanks for attending and see you next year at 121 Cape Town 3 & 4 February!