Day 2

08:00 – Registration and morning coffee

09:00 – CEO presentation

10:00 – Panel: Creating value with junior mining stocks in diversified portfolios

• Where are investors seeing value in small to mid-cap juniors?
• What are the expectations and time horizon on returns of private equity in the current market?
• What are the stand-out features a mining junior needs to attract investors at this point in the cycle?
• Appetite for early stage exploration and greenfield projects
• Charting jurisdictional preference – is there a sovereign risk premium for certain junior mining stocks?

Panellists include:
Alain Corbani, Head of Commodities, Portfolio Manager, Finance SA
Robert Crayfourd, Portfolio Manager, New City Investment Managers
Mark Sawyer, Senior Partner, Greenstone Resources
David Street, Invesment Manager, Tembo Capital

10:30 – CEO presentations

11:30 – Precious metals investor panel: A new upward phase in the cycle for gold mining equities?

• Are investors speculating again or focusing on the majors and remaining conservative?
• How have equities performed? Has the gold sector been overlooked for other hot streaks in bitcoin, battery metals, global equities?
• Will investors come back into gold mining stocks in 2018?
• From interest rates to global geo-political uncertainty – factors impacting the gold price in 2018
• What do the leading precious metals funds look for when assessing a mining company?

Panellists include:
Terence van der Hout, Fund Manager, Commodity Discovery Fund
Angelos Damaskos, Fund Manager, Junior Gold Fund / Sector Investors
Dr. Torsten Dennin, Founder & CEO, Lynkeus Capital
Cathy Mosies, Head of Research, Patersons Securities

12:00 – CEO presentations

13:00 – Lunch and Networking

14:00 – CEO presentations

15:00 – Project finance panel: Financing world class mining projects of the future

• How available is mine finance to the junior sector at present? What size of project can get funding?
• How should mining companies think about maintaining their share price during the transition to production?
• Access and availability of debt – are banks becoming more confident in the industry again?
• Investment and innovation at the mine face: can mines accelerate discovery and de-risk exploration investment through investing in the right technologies and processes?

Panellists include:
Mark Tyler, London Representative, Auramet
Pim Kalisvaart, Portfolio Manager, Hawke’s Point Capital
Michael Barton, Portfolio Manager, Orion Mine Finance

15:30 – CEO presentations

16:30 – Closing thought piece: Examining the application of blockchain as a new and alternative source of finance for junior mining

• The potential for blockchain’s successful application to the mining industry
• Can the ICO model work for the mining sector to meet projects finance need for early stage high-risk development capital?
• Would cryptocurrencies open mining companies to a new and untapped generation of retail investor?
• What do blockchain technologies offer in terms of verifying the provenance and ownership of precious metals?

Lewis Fellas, CIO, Bletchley Park Capital

17:10 – Closing remarks and farewell drinks