Day 2

08:00 – Registration and morning refreshments

08:50 – Conference opening

09:00 – Precious metals investor panel: Are the conditions in place for the bullish mood to continue?

• Does the gold industry need to make gold equities more relevant for the generalist versus ETFs and options?
• Will mid-cap consolidation and M&A among gold majors contiune? And is this a healthy strategy to gain greater stock market relevance?
• Are portfolio managers seeing value in the junior gold mining set? How have miners been performing relative to their share price?
• Is silver over it’s perilous period? How do investors view silver in a portfolio now?
• Exploration outlook – are there enough high grade and economically recoverable discoveries happening? Where are the attractive regions for investors to look?

Panellists include:
Ian Williams, CEO, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Management
Angelos Damaskos, CEO, Sector Investment Managers

09:40 – Mining CEO presentations

10:50 – Battery Materials panel: Making the investment case – A look across the value chain of battery raw materials

• Battery materials are now as strategic as oil, essential to the energy and mobility transition – how are specialist funds and capital providers responding to this?
• Security of supply to meet ambitious global electrification goals
• With long term demand story apparently strong, where and when will the larger patient capital emerge from? Is this a junior mining issue or industry wide issue?
• Which commodity in the battery class metlas has the most citical supply side risk?
• Evolution in the battery mix and new technologies to displace lithium-ion

Panellists include:
Aline Carnizelo, Portfolio Manager, Pala Investment
Michael Insulán, Analyst, Eurasia Commodities Group
Simon Gardner-Bond, Senior Executive Vice President, Techmet Caspar Ralwes, Senior Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
Caspar Ralwes, Senior Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
Bert Witkamp, Operating Agent, IEA Task Force on CRM4EV

11:30 – Mining CEO presentations

13:00 – Lunch and Networking

14:00 – Mine finance panel: Successful alternative financing solutions and their growing adoption

• How are alternative finance providers seizing an opportunity in complex markets to feed much needed capital into the industry?
• Streaming royalties, specialist private equity funds, off-takers; how can companies go about securing the right forms of finance beyond the public bourse?
• Who is building the next generation of world class mining projects?
• Looser governance and moving quickly, hwo are banks responding to mine finance changing the dynamic of debt markets?

Panellists include:

Kevin Flynn, CFO, Anglo Pacific
Brett Heath, President & CEO, Metalla Royalty & Streaming
David Awram, Senior Executive Vice President, Sandstorm Gold

14:30 – Mining CEO presentations

15:30 – Analyst insight: The rise of batrery megafactories and their materials impace

• Recent developments in energy and metals markets
• Horizon for supply deficite
• Demand forecast for cleaner raw materials over the next decade

Caspar Ralwes, Senior Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

16:00 – Mining CEO presentations

17:00 – Closing remarks and networking drinks

Thanks for attending and see you next year at 121 Cape Town 3 & 4 February!