Xantippe Resources


Primary ticker: ASX:XTC
Stage of development: Exploration
Primary minerals: Lithium
Project to promote: Lithium Brine
Project location: Argentina
Website: www.xantippe.com.au

Xantippe Resources recently acquired a number of lithium brine tenements totalling 21,900 hectares in the heart of the ‘Lithium Triangle’ in Argentina, contiguous to leases held by Lake Resources (ASX:LKE). This now represents the major focus of the Company.
In addition, Xantippe has a history of resource exploration in South Korea where it was active particularly in the battery energy sector (mainly graphite and vanadium commodities) and developed strong links within Korea’s ‘downstream’ companies.The company also has a substantial foothold in the Southern Cross region of West Australia where it holds approximately 190 km2 (19,000 Ha) of tenements, prospective for gold and lithium-bearing pegmatites.

Debt: NIL

Major shareholders:
Jemaya P/L – 6.2%
BNP Paribas – 6%
St Barnabas P/L – 4%
OPD Ventures SA – 3%
Perth Select P/L – 2.75%
Management Ownership – 3%

Management Profile

John Featherby – Chairman

John Featherby has extensive experience in the stockbroking and wealth management industry. He joined Hartley Poynton (now EurozHartleys) in 1987, and has had a long career advising private wealth clients and natural resources companies. 

What is your rationale for taking part 121 Mining Investment?

Having only recently acquired a highly prospective ground position in Argentina, Xantippe is now seeking to implement its marketing strategy of becoming a major developer on Lithium

What are your key goals for the next 3, 6 and 12 months?

3 Months:

Drilling to determine quality / grade of the Lithium brine
Continue exploration of Lithium in pegmatites at Southern Cross, Western Australia


6 Months:

Resource definition
Metallurgical processing MoU including DLE pilot plant
MoU with Bolivian Government


12 Months:

Extend Resource
Begin discussions with JV partners

What do you see as the key risks and challenges facing your company at the moment and how are you overcoming these?

Establishing an initial presence overseas is always difficult, however through the relationship with major shareholders (Arecco) in both Buenos Aires and Catamarca, the Company is confident of meeting the challenge.

What do you think makes your company such a compelling investment?

As a gold explorer in W Australia, the Company was always under-valued despite a large land-holding in a renowned gold producing region. The opportunity to move into Lithium Brine in the Heart of the South American Lithium triangle give the Company access to a strong and sustaining commodity in the battery metals/emerging energy space. The land position in Catamarca, contiguous to Lake Resources (ASX:LKE, mkt cap A$1.5B) provides an enviable profile.

What are the top 3 key investor takeaways?

1 World Class Assets being acquired and developed
2 Prime and recognised region to develop globally relevant Lithium projects
3 Experienced and well-connected local and in-country Argentine mangers paired with experienced executive management based in Perth.