Mining companies

80 mining production, development and exploration companies will be hosting meetings at 121 Mining Investment New York. Qualified investors who would like to arrange 1-2-1 meeting with these companies should click here for investor registration.

NamePrimary TickerStage of DevelopmentCommodityCountryCorporate Presentation
5E Advanced MaterialsNASDQ: FEAMDevelopment, ProductionBoron+Ft, Cady, CA, USA
AbraSilver ResourceTSXV:ABRA, OTCQX:ABBRFExplorationSilver, GoldArgentina
LithiumNevada, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Aftermath SilverTSXV:AAG, OTCQX:AAGFF, FF:FLM1ExplorationSilver, Gold, Copper, ManganesePeru, ChileCorporate Presentation
Alaska Energy Metals CorporationTSXV:AEMC, OTCQB:MLRKFExploration, Development
Nickel, Platinum Group Elements, Gold, Copper
Alaska USA
Apollo Silver CorpTSXV:APGO, OTCQB:APGOF, Frankfurt:6ZF0Exploration, Development
Corporate Presentation
Archer Exploration CorpTSX:RCHRExploration, DevelopmentPGMsCanada
Ascendant ResourcesTSX:ASNDDevelopmentCopper, Zinc, Lead, Silver, GoldPortugal
ATEX ResourcesTSXV:ATXExplorationGold, CopperChile
Battery Mineral ResourcesTSXV:BMR, OTCQB:BTRMFExploration, Development, ProductionCopper, Cobalt, Lithium, GraphiteChile, Idaho, Nevada, Ontario, South Korea
BelararoxASX:BRXExplorationZinc, Copper, Lithium, Gold, SilverArgentina
BeMetals CorpTSXV:BMET, OTCQB:BMTLFExploration, DevelopmentZinc, Silver, Gold, CopperJapan, U.S.A., and Zambia
Blackstone MineralsASX:BSX, OTCQB:BLSTF, FRA:B9SExploration, DevelopmentNickel, Copper, Gold, CobaltVietnam
BonTerra ResourcesTSXV:BTRExploration, DevelopmentGoldCanada
Bravo Mining CorpTSXV: BRVO, OTCQX: BRVMFExplorationPalladium, Platinum, Rhodium, Gold, NickelBrazil
Brixton Metals CorporationTSXV:BBB, OTCQB:BBBXFExplorationGold, Silver, CopperCanada
Caledonia MiningNYSE:VFEX, AIM:VFEXExploration, ProductionGoldZimbabwe
Calibre MiningTSX:CXBExploration, Development, ProductionGold, CopperNicaragua
CanAlaska UraniumTSXV:CVV, OTCQX:CVVUF, FR:DH7NExplorationUranium & Base MetalsAthabasca Basin, SaskatchewanCorporate Presentation
Century Lithium CorpTSXV:CYP, OTCQX:CYDVFDevelopmentLithiumUSA
Cerrado GoldTSXV:CERT
Exploration, Development, Production
Brazil, Argentina
Consolidated Uranium Inc.TSXV:CUR, OTCQX:CURUFExploration, DevelopmentUranium and VanadiumUnited States, Canada, Australia, Argentina
DRDGOLD LimitedJSE:DRD; NYSE:DRDProductionGoldSouth Africa
Elevate UraniumASX:EL8, OTCQX:ELVUFExplorationUraniumNamibia, Australia
Emerita Resources CorpTSX-V: EMO; OTCQB: EMOTF; FSE: LLJAExplorationGold, Silver, Copper, Lead, ZincSpain
EMX Royalty CorpNYSE:EMX, TSXV:EMX, FRA:6E9Copper, Gold, Led, Zinc, Nickel, Silver, Cobalt5 continents
Endeavour Mining
Exploration, Development, Production
Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Senegal
Excelsior MiningTSX:MIN, OTCQB:EXMGFDevelopment, ProductionCopperArizonaCorporate Presentation
Fission UraniumTSX:FCU, OTCQX:FCUUF, FSE:2FUExploration, DevelopmentUraniumAthabasca Basin, CanadaCorporate Presentation
Fortuna Silver MinesTSX:FVI, NYSE:FSM, Frankfurt:F4SFProductionGold, SilverMexico, Peru, Argentina, Burkina Faso, Côte d´IvoireCorporate Presentation
Founders Metals
FPX Nickel CorpTSXV:FPX, OTCQB:FPOCFExploration, DevelopmentNickel, CobaltBritish Columbia, Canada
Full Circle Lithium Corp.TSXV:FCLIProduction
Lithium Processing
Galiano GoldTSX:GAU, NYSE:GAUExploration, ProductionGoldGhana
Galan LithiumASX:GLNExploration, DevelopmentLithiumArgentina, Australia
GoGold ResourcesTSX:GGD, GLGDF:OTCQXExploration, Development, ProductionSilver, GoldMexico
Gold Resource CorporationNYSE:GOROExploration, Development, ProductionGold
Oaxaca, Mexico and Michigan, USA
Corporate Presentation
Gold79 MinesTSXV:AUU, QTCQB:AUSVFExplorationSilver, GoldArizona, Nevada
Goliath ResourcesTSXV:GOT, OTCQB:GOTRF, FSE:B4IFExplorationGold, SilverCanada
GR Silver MiningTSXV:GRSLExploration, DevelopmentSilverMexicoCorporate Presentation
iMetal ResourcesTSXV:IMR, OTCQB:IMRFF, FRANKFURT:A7VExplorationGoldCanada
Hummingbird ResourcesAIM: HUMExploration, Development, Production
Guinea, Mali and Liberia
Karora ResourcesTSX:KRRProductionGoldWestern Australia
KEFI Gold and CopperAIM:KEFIExploration, Development, ProductionGold, CopperEthiopia and Saudi ArabiaCorporate Presentation
Lahontan GoldTSXV:LGExplorationGold, SilverMineral and Esmeralda CountyCorporate Presentation
Lithium IonicTSXV:LTH, OTCQB:LTHCF, FRA:H3NExploration, Development
Luca MiningTSXV:LUCA, OTCQX:LUCMFExploration, Development, ProductionPrecious and base metalsMexico
Lumina GoldTSXV:LUMExploration, DevelopmentGold, CopperEcuador
Luminex ResourcesTSXV:LRExploration, DevelopmentGold, CopperEcuador
Mandalay ResourcesTSX:MND
Exploration, ProductionGold and antimonyAustralia, Sweden
McFarlane Lake MiningCBOE:MLM, OTCB:MLMLFExplorationGold, CopperCanada
Midex ResourcesPrivateExploration
Lithium, Gold & Silver
Moneta Gold Inc.TSX:ME, OTCQX:MEAUF, FSE:MOPAExplorationGoldTimmins, Ontario
Mountain Province DiamondsTSX:MPVDExploration, ProductionDiamondsNorthwest Territories
Nickel Creek PlatinumTSX:NCP, OTCQB:NCPCFExploration, DevelopmentNickel, platinum, palladium, copperCanada
NorthWest CopperTSXV:NWST, OTCQX:NWCCFExploration, DevelopmentCopper, GoldBritish Columbia, Canada
NovaGold ResourcesNYSE:NG, TSX:NGDevelopmentGold – precious metalsAlaska, USACorporate Presentation
Odyssey Marine ExplorationNASDAQ:OMEXExplorationBattery MetalsCook Islands
Omai Gold MinesTSXV:OMGExplorationGoldGuyanaCorporate Presentation
Orford MiningTSXV:ORMExplorationGoldCanadaCorporate Presentation
Oroco Resource CorpTSXV:OCO, USOTCQB:ORRCFExplorationCopper, Gold, Silver, MolybdenumMexico
Pacific Ridge ExplorationTSXV:PEX, OTCQB:PEXZFExplorationCopper, GoldCanada
Reunion GoldTSXV:RGDExplorationGoldGuyana
Rumble ResourcesASX:RTRExplorationZinc, Lead, Silver, CopperAustraliaCorporate Presentation
Silver Hammer Mining Corp.
Silver Strand, Eliza, Silverton
Idaho and Nevada
Silver Tiger MetalsTSXV:SLVR, OTCQX:SLVTFExploration, DevelopmentSilver, GoldMexico
Silver X Mining CorpTSXV:AGXExploration, Development, ProductionSilverPeru & US
Skeena ResourcesTSX:SKE, NYSE:SKE, FRA:RXFExploration, DevelopmentGold, SilverGolden Triangle, British Columbia, CanadaCorporate Presentation
Skyharbour ResourcesTSXV:SYH, OTCQX:SYHBF, Frankfurt:SC1PExplorationUraniumCanada
South Star Battery Metals CorpTSXV:STS, OTCQB:STSBFExplorationGraphiteBrazil
Talisker ResourcesCSE:TSK, OTCQB:TSKFFExplorationGold, SilverCanada
The Metals CompanyNASDAQ:TMCExploration
Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Manganese
Pacific Ocean, International Waters
Thesis GoldTSXV:TAU, FRA:011ExplorationGold, Silver & Copper
North Central British Columbia Canada
Troilus GoldTSX:TLG; OTCQX:CHXMF; FRA:CM5RExploration, DevelopmentGold, CopperQuebec, CanadaCorporate Presentation
US Critical Metals CorpTSXV:USCM; OTCQB:USCMF; FSE:0IU0ExplorationLithium, REE, CobaltUSA
Vizsla Silver CorpTSXV:VZLA, NYSE:VZLAExploration, DevelopmentSilverMexico
Wealth MineralsTSXV:WML, OTCQX:WMLLFExploration, DevelopmentLithiumChileCorporate Presentation
York Harbour Metals Inc.TSXV:YORKExploration
Rare Earth, Copper, Zinc, SilverCanada
Corporate Presentation

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