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Investor Panel Discussions

Leader’s in mining investment panel: Discussing the sentiment for metals and mining projects amid differentiated commodity markets

• How will mining react to a world working its way through the coronavirus and near recession?
• China’s commodity output a bellweather for the industry
• How can miners prove shareholder value at a crisis period of slashed dividends, scarce liquidiy and societal lock down?
• Production and expansion plans – Will M&A continue to replace organic growth and allocation to exploration budgets?
• What transitions are we seeing in the ecosystem for financing junior mining projects? Will equity scarcity bring project development on quicker?
• Miners and investors influence on creating a sustainable future – where are the opportunities in ESG and sustainable investing principles

Caroline Donally, Managing Partner, Denham Capital
Gervais Williams, Senior Executive Director & MD, Premier Miton Investors
Cailey Barker, Director – Natural Resources,, Blackrock

Precious metals panel: Seeking risk adjusted returns in precious metals investings

• Macro conditions impacting the gold bull market – investor views on pandemic fallout, looming recession and government stimulus
• Sentiment for safe haven physical assets – where do equities stand to benefit from a rebound? Is the situation is anything like 2008?
• How much should a pension fund for instance have in pysical gold versus equiteis?
• Performance of majors and juniors relative to share price
• Exploration vs M&A – is growth now far off the agenda?
• How do investors approach silver equities within a diversified portfolio? Are there enough quality projects out there?

Lawrence Lepard, Partner, Equity Management Associates
Dan Oliver, Managing Partner, Myrmikan Capital
Adrian Day,
Chairman & CEO, Adrian Day Asset Management
Chris Mancini, Portfolio Manager, Gabelli Gold Fund

Technology metals panel: Will mining survive and thrive in a new energy world?

• What does pandemic fallout mean for the batteries and EV industry?
• How are we going to get out of this scenario without consumer consumption at same level of last decade?
• When could lithium markets achieve supply/demand balance
• How to reduce supply-chain risks over a prolonged period of crisis
• What steps do automakers and OEMs need to be taking now to safeguard critical raw materials – can they work closer with miners?
• Accessing wider pools of capital to help junior miners of critical metals – where will capital come from
• Can battery metals producers improve credentials and win capital from ESG mandated funds?

Ken Hoffman, Head of battery materials, McKinsey
Kimberly Berman, Director Equity Research, Special Projects, BMO
Simon Gardner-Bond, Chief Technical Officer, Techmet

Analyst Briefings

Analyst briefing: Gold Outlook – Beyond the price

• Elevated economic risk has propped up the gold price
• ‘Peak Gold’ is becoming a more real possibility
• Gold won’t be found by those not looking
• Producers are adopting a cautious approach to project development

Maria Rosa Gobitz, Research Analyst, Wood MacKenzie


Analyst briefing: US Economic prospects and a gold investment thesis

Trey Reik, Managing Member, Bristol Gold Group


Analyst briefing: Battery technology update -complexities of the global supply chain from mine to market

• Where are the improvements in active anode and cathode materials development?
• Issues of scale, importance of material quality purity and reliability – what factors enable mass-production and commercialization
• Key points for investors to observe ahead of the hype
• Which battery metals are set to outperform?

Kimberly Berman, Director Equity Research, Special Projects BMO


Analyst briefing: EVs market outlook, the raw materials demands and China’s pivotal role

• Industry insider perspectives on China’s EV market – raw materials supply chain and what this signals for miners
• EV adoption rate – total cost of ownership of EVs vs ICO
• What does really low oil prices mean for EVs?
• Investment required to secure the necessary supply of battery grade materials
• Where will the new decade take us in battery technology – projections in long term evolution of battery chemistries and energy density
• Reducing critical metals dependency – how are manufacturers adapting to risks present in the materials supply chain?

Ken Hoffman, Head of battery materials, McKinsey

Commodity focus: Lithium market outlook – testing the resilience of the junior sector

• Testing miners resilience in chalenging markets
• When could lithium markets return to a supply and demand balance?
• Shift in focus towards higher-value added lithium hydroxide
• Strategies to deal with a prolonged period of soft prices and impact on junior miners
• Scope for technological advancements improving productivity across lithium production
• What big mining companies should be focusing on now

Emily Hersh, MD, DCDB Group