Platinum Group Metals

Primary ticker: NYSE:PLG
Stage of development: Development
Primary minerals: Platinum, Palladium
project to promote: Waterberg PGM Project

Live financials

Platinum Group is developing the Waterberg PGM project in joint venture with Impala Platinum, the third largest PGM producer globally. Impala has a development option to take control of the project by making a $165M investment and begin development.

Management Profile

R. Michael Jones – President and CEO

R. Michael Jones – President and CEO

R. Michael Jones brings over 25 years of experience as a professional geological engineer and has been involved with the raising of over $1 billion for exploration, mining development and production. Mr. Jones was a co-founder and director of West Timmins Mining that was purchased by producing company Lake Shore Gold Corp. in 2009 and was a co-founder and former director until 2012 of MAG Silver Corp.

What recent news would you like to highlight to investors attending?

A definitive feasibility study was recently completed for the Waterberg Project.

What are your key goals for the next 3, 6 and 12 months?

6 Months:

Impala option to take control and fund initial development of the Waterberg Project with a $165M investment.

12 Months:

Start of project construction.

What do you see as the key risks and challenges facing your company at the moment and how are you overcoming these?

Funding for project development will require significant capital. The involvement of a major PGM producer brings operational and financial support.

In a sentence, what do you think makes your company such a compelling investment?

Palladium is in a structural deficit with no new major mine developments planned in the short to medium term.