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Thank you to our sponsors and partners. They help make the events possible – make sure you stop by and meet them at the event.


Gold Sponsor.


Every mining project is unique. We aspire to strengthen each one through transparent, engaging and plain language appraisals of geology, metallurgy and engineering – written by accredited professionals.We add credibility to project owners through impartial reports, recognised as a tool for third party due diligence. Internally, these encourage debate to challenge assumptions and improve outcomes.For investors, unravel the complexity of mining studies, evaluate risk intelligibly and strengthen conviction.

Find all our reports, including those on several companies at this conference, at thedigbee.com/reports

Free database and contact information: thedigbee.com

Supporting partner.

Independent Investment Research.

Independent Investment Research, “IIR”, is an independent investment research house based in Australia and the United States. IIR specialises in the analysis of high-quality commissioned research for Brokers, Family Offices and Fund Managers, distributing its research in Asia, United States and the Americas. On the equity side, coverage includes resources, biotech and technology stocks, with IIR also covering listed and unlisted managed investment companies. It has the capability to cover companies listed on a number of exchanges, including those in Australia, the UK and North America.

To maintain its independence, IIR does not participate in any corporate or capital raising activity and therefore it does not have any inherent bias that may result from research that is linked to any corporate/capital-raising activity.

IIR takes great pride in the quality and independence of our analysis, underpinned by high-calibre staff and a transparent, proven and rigorous research methodology.

For information, please click herewww.independentresearch.com.au