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Digbee ESG is an ESG disclosure platform for the mining industry. A future-looking, right-sized set of frameworks, aligned to the key global standards and accepted by leading stakeholders. It hugely simplifies ESG disclosure for mining corporates and rewards management with the action they take on the ground and in the boardroom.


Jot Technology Solutions Inc

Jot™ is a NEW tool that will help you build stronger business relationships. It is a mobile contact management app that gives you on-the-go access to your last interaction and provides you with important tidbits about your contacts so you can pick up where you left off.

Top 3 features you’ll love:
1)      JotID + QR Code: Give someone your JotID or let them scan your QR code and they will receive your profile…even on virtual calls
2)      Tags: Use custom tags to categorize and segment your contacts (Ex, 121London2021, Potential Invest)
3)      Notes + Action Items: Keep to-dos and notes about your contacts all in one place

To download the app:
Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

For more information about Jot and how to use it, please visit the company’s website at or find tips and tricks on their instagram account @jotjotjotapp




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Independent Investment Research.

Independent Investment Research, “IIR”, is an independent investment research house based in Australia and the United States. IIR specialises in the analysis of high-quality commissioned research for Brokers, Family Offices and Fund Managers, distributing its research in Asia, United States and the Americas. On the equity side, coverage includes resources, biotech and technology stocks, with IIR also covering listed and unlisted managed investment companies. It has the capability to cover companies listed on a number of exchanges, including those in Australia, the UK and North America.

To maintain its independence, IIR does not participate in any corporate or capital raising activity and therefore it does not have any inherent bias that may result from research that is linked to any corporate/capital-raising activity.

IIR takes great pride in the quality and independence of our analysis, underpinned by high-calibre staff and a transparent, proven and rigorous research methodology.

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