Day 1

12 November 2019

08:00 Registration and morning coffee

09:00 Fund managers panel: Buy, sell or hold? Appetite, investment criteria and mining market trends in 2019/20 

• Valuations, capital raises and M&A activity: What do the numbers tell us about where we are in the cycle?
• Investor preferences: Projects, commodities, management styles and the corporates’ approaches to exploration and resource expansion
• What should mining companies be focusing their business efforts towards in 2019/20? – Continued capital discipline or investment in new projects?
• Creating a portfolio mix to best perform in the current market
• ESG – Essential elements that investors look for in a potential investment

Panellists include:

Julian Babarczy, Portfolio Manager, Regal Funds Management
Jeremy Bond, Chief Investment Officer, Terra Capital
Matt Griffin, Portfolio Manager, AMP Capital
Matt Fifield, Managing Partner, Pacific Road Capital
Rick Squire, Portfolio Manager, Acorn Capital

09:40 Mine finance panel: Sourcing pools of development capital – A look at the alternatives
• How much capital is available for mining development projects and which projects are getting funded?
• PE, non-bank project finance, off-takes, royalties and streams – Alternative options for miners and investors towards the bottom of the cycle
• The implications of a funding squeeze on the global mine development pipeline
• Private funding vs public capital markets – Where lies the future of mine finance?

Panellists include:
James Morrison, Managing Director, Gresham Resources Royalties Fund
Peter Rozenauers, Portfolio Manager, Orion Mine Finance
John Hodder, Managing Director, Tembo Capital Australia
Martin Boland, Director, Taurus Funds Management

10:20 Mining company CEO briefings

11:10 China mining outlook: Domestic production outlook and demand for Australian mined commodities
• How China’s drive for lower emissions is shaping demand for mined commodities – less thermal coal, more battery metals?
• Update on China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on global resources demand and capital flows
• Impact of the US-China trade war on global metals demand and investment flows
• Which sectors within the mining and metals industry offer the best outlook for China-Australia trade and investment?

Kevin Xie, China Economist, Commonwealth Bank

11:40 Mining company CEO briefings

12:30 Uranium mining outlook: Is a uranium bull market finally on the horizon?
• Nuclear in the future energy mix: How essential is it to enable the world to meet decarbonization goals?
• The challenges of calling a uranium bull market
• From Kazakhstan production to nuclear end users – what are the key forces driving the uranium price today?
• Stock picking strategies for the uranium sector – what will decide the winners and losers in an industry operating on the margin?

Guy Keller,
Commodity Specialist, Tribeca Investment Partners

13:00 Lunch and networking

14:00 Majors and mid-caps focus: Investment outlook and growth strategies for producers and diversified miners
• Current performance and future outlook: Leaders and laggards in today’s metals and mining markets
• How investors would like miners to balance the need to return cash to shareholders with the requirement to invest in future growth?
• Exploration vs acquisition: How should miners grow and replace their resources at this stage of the cycle?
• How the trend away from fossil fuels towards energy efficient and renewable technologies is shaping investment decisions

Panellists include:

David Baker, Managing Partner, Baker Steel Capital Managers

14:40 Mining company CEO briefings

16:00 The irresistible force: Vehicle electrification and the necessary critical materials
• Two major reasons new energy vehicles (NEVs) are an unstoppable trend in the automotive industry
• Reasons why all NEVs do not need to be big-battery electric vehicles like a Tesla
• Major design and technology changes coming to this space, soon
• How this may mean a significant realignment of what materials matter most to the battery industry

Jon Hykawy,
President & Director, Stormcrow Capital

16:30 Battery materials investment panel: Are we entering a new bull market for battery metals?
• Update on the launch and uptake of new EVs and the roll out of charging infrastructure globally
• To what extent has the US-China trade war intensified competition to secure supply chains for battery raw materials and how can Australia benefit?
• Where is the money coming from to fuel the necessary growth in exploration?
• The outlook for battery chemistries, recycling and potential supply/demand permutations
• Valuations and deal-flow in 2019 – Are we entering a new bull market for battery materials?

Panellists include:

Jon Hykawy, President & Director, Stormcrow Capital
Sophie Lu, Head of Metals & Mining, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Adam Best, Research Group Leader, High Performance Metal Industries, CSIRO

17:15 Day one wrap-up and drinks reception