Agenda Day One

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Registration and Morning Coffee
Welcome and Business Card Exchange
Leaders in Mining Investment Panel
Global macro factors impacting the sector’s investment outlook
  • How are regional regulations impacting investment opportunities - Inflation Reduction Act, Canada’s new regulations on investing in critical minerals projects, etc.
  • Impact of the ongoing Russian invasion into Ukraine and the resulting sanctions on the market
  • What are some of the biggest risks to mining projects that you anticipate this year? Impact of growing ESG pressure, supply chain challenges, inflationary pressure, new regulations, and more
  • Investors’ roles in the energy transition - Where do you come in; what are some key areas of focus for the coming year?


John Dorian, Investment Manager, Orion Resource Partners

John Forwood, Chief Investment Officer, Lowell Resources Funds Management

James Morrison, Portfolio Manager, Regal Resources Royalties Fund, Regal Funds Management

Market Risks and Strengths
Navigating Investment Opportunities
  • Investment keynote looking at how to navigating the current geopolitical economy; risks in the market, emerging opportunities, and more


Matt Fifield, Managing Partner, Pacific Road Capital

Networking Coffee Break
Analyst Briefing
Outlook for Uranium
  • There is still no clear consensus on uranium’s future - though its role as a clean energy source is uncontested. This briefing will run through the potential future for nuclear power, outlook for uranium, and uncover where our bias on the topic stems from


Guy Keller, Commodity Speciality, Global Natural Resources Funds; Portfolio Manager, Nuclear Energy Opportunities Fund, Tribeca Investment Partners

Battery Metals Investment Panel
Fuelling the Energy Transition
  • Unpacking the metals supply deficits - Where do we need to be focusing our attention and investment spending in exploration and development?

  • Evolving battery value chains - How do these changes impact the supply and demand for key resources?


Harry Fisher, Project Manager (Consultancy), Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Laura Hubbard, Managing Consultant, APAC, Wood Mackenzie

Alberto Migliucci, Founder and CEO, Petra Commodities

Paola Rojas, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Resource Capital

Atlantic Lithium

Analyst Briefing
Outlook for Nickel and Cobalt
  • Indonesia holds a prominent role in the battery value chain with the growth of its nickel industry, but what else do we need to understand on the metal’s supply dynamics? This session will go deep into how Indonesia’s industry is impacting the global markets and what this means for the metal as demand grows in line with the energy transition

Harry Fisher, Project Manager (Consultancy), Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Lunch and Networking
Analyst Insights
Metals Supply and Demand on the Road to Net Zero
  • The energy transition will be fuelled by nickel, lithium, copper, and a host of other metals, but current analyses point to massive supply gaps here. This session will look across these key metals to uncover what we really need to do to facilitate a smooth transition

Piers Montgomery, Principal Analyst, Base Metals Supply, CRU

Analyst Briefing
Outlook for Lithium
  • Lithium supply landscape and outlook for demand

  • Role of the LIB - demand for EV sector and more

Cameron Perks, Principal Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Analyst Briefing
Outlook for Copper
  • What is the current supply and demand outlook amid growing demand from China and mounting supply risks from Chile - Overall impacts to the market?

Networking Coffee Break
Precious Metals Investment Panel
  • Macro outlook - Moves from the Fed, inflation, interest rates - How is this all impacting the precious metals markets?

  • Will gold hit over $2000 this year?

  • Role of central bank buying

  • What should investors look for in investment opportunities?

  • How does ESG factor into investment into precious metals?

David Franklyn, Head of Funds Management, Argonaut

Warwick Grigor, Chairman, Far East Capital Ltd.

121 Mining Investment Networking Drinks