Day 1

12 November 2019

08:00 Registration and morning coffee

08:50 Opening remarks

09:00 Portfolio managers panel: Buy, sell or hold? Appetite, investment criteria and mining market trends in 2019/20 

• Valuations, capital raises and M&A activity: What do the numbers tell us about where we are in the cycle?
• Investor preferences: Projects, commodities, management styles and the corporates’ approaches to exploration and resource expansion
• What should mining companies be focusing their business efforts towards in 2019/20? – Continued capital discipline or investment in new projects?
• Creating a portfolio mix to best perform in the current market
• ESG – Essential elements that investors look for in a potential investment
Panellists include:
Julian Babarczy, Portfolio Manager,Regal Funds Management

09:40 Miners panel:Mining investment 2019 Growth strategies for today’s mining market
• Finding the right balance between returning cash to shareholders and investing in future growth
• Exploration or acquisition? Resource expansion options for current market conditions
• Where have market conditions created potential M&A opportunities?
• Finding synergies and avoiding management cost blowouts: What makes the ideal asset mix?

10:20 Mining company CEO briefings

11:10 China mining outlook: Domestic production outlook and demand for Australian mined commodities
• How China’s drive for lower emissions is shaping demand for mined commodities – less thermal coal, more battery metals?
• Update on China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on global resources demand and capital flows
• Impact of the US-China trade war on global metals demand and investment flows
• Which sectors within the mining and metals industry offer the best outlook for China-Australia trade and investment?

11:50 Mining company CEO briefings

12:30 Uranium mining outlook: Is a uranium bull market finally on the horizon?
• Nuclear in the future energy mix: How essential is it to enable the world to meet decarbonization goals?
• The challenges of calling a uranium bull market
• From Kazakhstan production to nuclear end users – what are the key forces driving the uranium price today?
• Stock picking strategies for the uranium sector – what will decide the winners and losers in an industry
operating on the margin?
Guy Keller, Commodity Specialist,Tribeca Investment Partners

13:00 Lunch and networking

14:00 Canadian mining investment outlook: Value opportunities in one of the world’s best mining jurisdictions
• With Canadian retail investor money flowing into cannabis, to what extent are value opportunities being created for Australian investors and cash rich producers seeking acquisitions?
• Flow through funding, royalties, streaming and alternatives – exploring options for Canadian projects to fill the funding gap
• Gold sector M&A is trending for Canadian companies – what is prompting this wave of consolidation and what does it mean for the industry moving forward?
• What are the risks facing Australian companies seeking acquisitions in Canada and how to overcome these?

14:40 Mining company CEO briefings

15:30 Coal investment outlook: Met coal vs thermal – A two-speed industry?
• What the election results mean for Australia’s coal industry
• How China’s focus on emissions reductions will impact demand for Australian coal both positively and negatively
• Demand outlook from other markets: India, Japan and Korea
• Who is funding the coal industry now that many traditional sources of capital are no longer available due to ESG concerns?
• Met coal vs thermal coal: A permanent bifurcation of the industry?

16:00 Mining company CEO briefings

17:10 Battery materials investment outlook: Are we entering a new bull market for battery metals?
• Update on the launch and uptake of new EVs and the roll out of charging infrastructure globally
• To what extent has the US-China trade war intensified competition to secure supply chains for battery raw materials and how can Australia benefit?
• Where is the money coming from to fuel the necessary growth in exploration?
• The outlook for battery chemistries, recycling and potential supply/demand permutations
• Valuations and deal-flow in 2019 – Are we entering a new bull market for battery materials?

18:00 Day one wrap-up and drinks reception