Day 2

13 November 2019

08:15 Registration and breakfast

09:00 Opening remarks

09:10 Commodities outlook panel: Commodity winners and losers in 2020 and beyond

• Precious, base, bulks and specialty: Analyst’s picks for hottest and coldest metals and minerals from across the periodic table
• Threats from geo-political factors creating supplyside opportunities
• Sectors where Australia’s geology and political landscape give domestic miners a competitive advantage

Panellists include:

Sophie Spartalis, Senior Research Equities Analyst, Metals & Mining, BAML
Paul McTaggart, Director, Pan-Asia Metals & Mining, Citi Research
Vivek Dhar, Associate Director, Mining & Energy Research, Commonwealth Bank

09:50 The dos and don’ts of raising equity for exploration and mining companies at this stage in the cycle
• Ten commandments for mining CEOs and CFOs
• Understanding the psychology of the capital markets: An art rather than a science
• Adjusting fund raising approaches to manage seasonal factors and shifting regulatory goalposts
• The pros and cons of different capital raising options

Warwick Grigor,
Chairman, Far East Capital

10:10 Discovery finance panel: Exploration funding – Meeting the need to finance new discoveries
• Appetite of investors for exploration projects
• To what extent should producers be returning money to investors, be investing in new exploration, or looking for acquisitions to bolster their resources
• Examining the implications of a funding squeeze on the global mine development pipeline
• In a world of increasing resource nationalism and competition, what role might governments have to play in funding exploration for strategically important metals?
• At what point will supply side pressures drive up commodity prices and trigger a new wave of investment into exploration?

Panellists include:

John Forwood, CIO, Lowell Resources Fund
Warwick Grigor, Chairman, Far East Capital
Jim Copland, Executive Director, Small Caps, IFM Investors

Mining company CEO presentations 
11:50 William Dawes, Chief Executive, Mkango Resources
11:00 Howard Golden, CEO, Arrow Minerals
11:10 Thomas Ullrich, CEO, Aston Bay
11:20 Jason Livingstone, Managing Director, Metalicity
11:30 Stewart Dickson, Managing Director & CEO, Variscan Mines

11:40 Rare earths investment outlook:A new boom in technology metals
• Know your rare earth elements: Uses, supply chains and processing challenges – what to look for in a potential investment
• To what extent will China use its dominance in the rare earth supply chain as a bargaining chip in the USChina Trade dispute?
• As high-tech manufacturing industries in the US and third countries seek secure supply chains, what opportunities does this create for Australian mining and mining investors?

Allison Britt, Senior Commodities Specialist, Geoscience Australia

Mining company CEO briefings
12:10 Rob Tyson, Managing Director, Peel Mining
12:20 Andrew Richards, Executive Director, Big River Gold
12:30 Len Kolff, COO, IronRidge Resources
12:40 Chris Reed, Managing Director & CEO, Neometals

13:00 Lunch and networking

14:00 Copper investment outlook: Positioning to benefit from potential supply-side shocks
• Global copper consumption outlook: How significant is the electrification of transportation on total copper usage?
• From Zambia, Peru, DRC and Chile: To what extent could community action, strikes and resource nationalism in key copper producing regions cause a supply-side shock?
• Price outlook for 2020
• Where are the significant new copper discoveries being made?

Paul Wiggers de Vries, Senior Base Metals Analyst, CRU

14:30 Nickel investment outlook: Identifying opportunities for Australian nickel mines in a multi-speed sector
• Outlook for stainless steel production: China, Korea and Japan
• Update on demand for high purity nickel sulphate for Li-ion batteries
• A look at new Indonesian HPAL projects: Can they meet their low capex targets?
• Demand for suitable feedstock for nickel sulphate production plants – opportunities for Australian mines to gain for price premiums in this sector?

Angela Durrant, Principal Metals Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

15:00 Commodity focus panel: Gold mining investment outlook 2020

• Where next for the gold price and underlying gold mining equities?
• Appetite for gold mining equities and sources of development capital
• Return cash to investors or invest in growth? After a period of profitability how should Australia’s gold producers be preparing for the next stage in the cycle?
• Resource replacement through M&A – what opportunities this creates for investors?
• Where are gold mining investors putting their money in 2019/20? – Projects, countries and management teams to watch

Panellists include:

Gavin Wendt, Founding Director & Senior Resource Analyst, Minelife
Daniel Hynes, Senior Commodities Strategist, ANZ Research
Cameron Alexander,Director of Precious Metals Research, GFMS Refinitiv

16:00 Close of conference – farewell drinks

16:30 Join us for the closing drinks reception at Taylor’s Rooftop at The Republic Hotel