Day 2

28 August 2020

08:00 Registration and breakfast

08:50 Opening remarks

09:00 Commodities outlook 2021: Picks for the top commodities winners and losers

• Commodities forecast for 2020 overall – What will be the best and worst performing?
• Impact of the 2019 bushfires – How the discussion around commodities, energy, and climate has shifted
• Impact of the Coronavirus on supply and demand – Where do we see the market moving from this point?

Lachlan Shaw, Director, Head of Commodity Research, National Australia Bank
Sophie Spartalis, Senior Research Equities Analyst – Metals and Mining, BAML

09:40 Mining company CEO presentations 

10:40 ESG considerations for investors into junior mining
• How investor demand for ESG compliance is impacting flows into the junior mining sector – Capital available and types of projects being funded
• How mining stocks can be incorporated into an ethical investment strategy
• Strategies for smaller companies to meet the challenge of achieving the highest ESG standards
• Growing investment opportunities for resources investors in this space
• What the mining industry can do to change its image – from a digger of holes to an industry at the forefront of our decabonized future

11:10 Mining company CEO presentations 

12:10 Uranium outlook – Does nuclear have a place in Australia’s future energy mix?
• Bringing nuclear into the discourse on energy and decarbonization
• Key drivers of the uranium price today
• Breaking through the social stigma against uranium

12:40 Lunch and networking

14:00 Gold outlook – What’s next after 2019’s record highs?
• Looking at the macro issues in today’s economy and the impact on the gold price
• What do higher gold prices mean for the industry?
• Is the M&A we’re seeing a signal that we are near the top of the cycle in gold?
• ETF inflows vs individual mining stocks – Where is the money going?

14:40 Mining company CEO presentations 

15:40 Critical minerals and Australia’s role in the future energy and technology mix
• Australia’s growing role in securing future supply of critical minerals – Geopolitical, geological, environmental, and regulatory threats to this growth
• Growing demand stemming from renewables, EVs, and batteries – How do we keep up?

16:00 Mining company CEO presentations 

16:40 Battery metals outlook – When will we see a rebound in the EV market?

• Li-ion vs LFP batteries vs ??? – What is the future of EV batteries?
• De-risking the supply chains for battery raw materials
• Where is the money coming from to fuel additional exploration?

17:10 Day two wrap-up and farewell drinks