Agenda day 2

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Registration and Morning Coffee
Welcome and Business Card Exchange
Commodities Outlook Panel
Metal Trends and the Impact of the Energy Transition
  • Commodities highs and lows as we approach the end of 2022 - Have the energy transition metals sustained their high prices? Do we think supply will be able to catch up to demand?

  • Recent reports note that commodities could surge by 40% as Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has upended markets and we maintain a period of elevated global inflation - What is your take on pricing?
  • Interest in the precious metals has ebbed and flowed over the past few years - Gold’s evolving role
  • Trends for 2023


Barry Dawes, Executive Chairman, Martin Place Securities
David Franklyn, Head of Funds Management, Argonaut
Clyde Russell, Asia Commodities and Energy Columnist, Thomson Reuters
Gavin Wendt, Founding Director and Senior Resource Analyst, MineLife

Analyst Insights
Outlook for Uranium
  • Uranium’s role in our decarbonized future - what the future of the industry looks like across different geographies. This session will examine nuclear’s role in the future energy mix, impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the role of small modular reactors, and more

Guy Keller, Commodities Specialist and PM Nuclear Energy Opportunities Fund, Tribeca Investment Partners

Morning Networking Break
Precious Metals Panel
Gold’s 2022 Revival?
  • March 2022 saw funds raised growing to US$2.15B, a 105% month over month increase - After a subdued 2021, why is gold booming again this year?

  • Gold vs cryptocurrencies - How much are they competing in this space?
  • ESG factors relating to gold investment
  • How investors assess investments in this space; project considerations


John Forwood, Chief Investment Officer, Lowell Resources Funds
Nicholas Frappell, Global Head Institutional Markets, ABC Refinery
Warwick Grigor, Chairman, Far East Capital

Analyst Insights
Nickel’s Role in a Green Economy
  • Nickel’s addition to the U.S. critical minerals list has cemented its role in our future economy. This session will look at supply/demand, the role of HPAL plants, impact of changing battery chemistries, and more

Angela Durrant, Principal Analyst, Nickel, Wood Mackenzie

Lunch and Networking
Analyst Insights
Outlook for Cobalt
  • Impact of the growth of the EV industry in fuelling cobalt’s demand. How changing battery technologies may impact the supply and demand outlook for the metal

Harry Fisher, Project Manager (Consultancy), Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Finance Panel
Financing for Critical Minerals Projects
  • Availability of financing - who is driving these projects? Role of government, investors, corporates

  • What types of projects are getting funded right now?


Jan Fuchter, Director, Project & Structured Finance, Export Finance Australia
Dan Porter, Portfolio Manager (Resources), PURE Asset Management

End of Conference Programme and Networking Drinks