Day 2

13 November 2019

08:00 Registration and breakfast

08:50 Day two opening

09:00 Alternative investment panel: Funding sources and investment strategies at this stage in the cycle

• Capital markets vs PE and alternatives: Where should mining companies be looking for investment?
• Alternative investor appetites and investment criteria
• Can PE and alternatives meet the funding gap?
• Outlook for project acquisitions and divestment and the opportunities this offers the alternative investor

09:40 The dos and don’ts of raising equity for exploration and mining companies at this stage in the cycle
• Ten commandments for mining CEOs and CFOs
• Understanding the psychology of the capital markets: An art rather than a science
• Adjusting fund raising approaches to manage seasonal factors and shifting regulatory goalposts
• The pros and cons of different capital raising options
Warwick Grigor, Chairman, Far East Capital

10:00 Discovery finance panel: Exploration funding – Meeting the need to finance new discoveries
• Appetite of investors for exploration projects
• To what extent should producers be returning money to investors, be investing in new exploration, or looking for acquisitions to bolster their resources
• Examining the implications of a funding squeeze on the global mine development pipeline
• In a world of increasing resource nationalism and competition, what role might governments have to play in funding exploration for strategically important metals?
• At what point will supply side pressures drive up commodity prices and trigger a new wave of investment into exploration?
Panellists include:
Than Su EeJohn Forwood, CIO,Lowell Resources Fund

10:30 Mining company CEO presentations 

11:30 Rare earths investment outlook:A new boom in technology metals
• To what extent will China use its dominance in the rare earth supply chain as a bargaining chip in the US-China Trade dispute?
• As high-tech manufacturing industries in the US and third countries seek secure supply chains, what opportunities does this create for Australian mining and mining investors?
• Lessons from the pioneering work of Lynas Resources in the REE sector

12:00 Mining company CEO briefings

13:00 Lunch and networking

14:00 Copper investment outlook: Raw materials for the EV revolutioPositioning to benefit from potential supply-side shocks
• Global copper consumption outlook: How significant is the electrification of transportation on total copper usage?
• From Zambia, Peru, DRC and Chile: To what extent could community action, strikes and resource nationalism in key copper producing regions cause a supply-side shock?
• Price outlook for 2020
• Where are the significant new copper discoveries being made?

14:30 Mining company CEO presentations

15:00 Nickel investment outlook: Identifying opportunities for Australian nickel mines in a multi-speed sector
• Outlook for stainless steel production: China, Korea and Japan
• Update on demand for high purity nickel sulphate for Li-ion batteries
• A look at new Indonesian HPAL projects: Can they meet their low capex targets?
• Demand for suitable feedstock for nickel sulphate production plants – opportunities for Australian mines to gain for price premiums in this sector?

15:30 Mining company CEO presentations

16:10 Commodity focus panel: Gold mining investment outlook 2020

• Where next for the gold price and underlying gold
mining equities?
• Appetite for gold mining equities and sources of development capital
• Return cash to investors or invest in growth? After a period of profitability how should Australia’s gold producers be preparing for the next stage in the cycle?
• Resource replacement through M&A – what opportunities this creates for investors?
• Where are gold mining investors putting their money in 2019/20? – Projects, countries and management teams to watch

17:00 Close of conference – farewell drinks

See you in London!