Antilles Gold


Primary ticker: ASX: AAU, OTCQB: ANTMF, FSE: PTJ
Stage of development: Exploration, Development
Primary minerals: Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc
Project to promote:
Mine Developments – La Demajagua Au-Ag, El Pilar Au-Cu oxide , Antonio Cu-Zn-Ag, Exploration Projects – El Pilar Cu-Au porphyry system, New Horizons polymetallic mineral belt
Project location: Cuba
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Antilles Gold is an Australian mining company operating in mineral rich Cuba where its joint venture with the Government’s mining company, GeoMinera, is focused on developing three near-term open pit mines to produce gold, silver, copper, and zinc concentrates.

Under an Exploration Agreement with GeoMinera, the Company is currently conducting a preliminary drilling program on the large, previously explored, El Pilar copper-gold porphyry deposit in central Cuba, and this will be expanded in 2023 to a major exploration program on the El Pilar porphyry system, and the +40km long New Horizons VMS style polymetallic mineral belt with past production of copper and zinc.

The strategy of the joint venture company, Minera La Victoria SA, is for part of the surplus cash generated by its first mine at La Demajagua, to be applied to funding two subsequent low cap-ex mines, and the exploration of major targets which should result in growth in the value of Antilles Gold’s investment in Cuba while minimising dilution of its shareholders.

The first project of the joint venture mining company, Minera La Victoria SA, will be the development of the La Demajagua open pit Au-Ag mine on the Isle of Youth in south west Cuba which is planned to produce approximately 100,000oz Au equivalent in a sulphide concentrate for 8 years from commissioning in mid 2024, and be followed by an underground operation for +10 years.

Exploration has commenced on the large El Pilar Cu-Au porphyry deposit in central Cuba.

Cash: AUD$3M
Debt: NIL

Major Shareholders:
Chairmans Entities 19.9%
Mr Erle Edwinson 3.2%
Citicorp Nominees 2.26%
BNP Paribas Nominees 1.87%
Mr Garret Logan 1.73%
Management Ownership – 22%

Management Profile

Brian Johnson – Executive Chairman

The Executive Chairman of Antilles Gold, Brian Johnson, is a graduate civil engineer from the University of Western Australia with extensive experience in the mining and construction industries in Australia, South East Asia, and North America.

He was instrumental in establishing successful companies, Portman Mining and Mount Gibson Iron in the iron ore and manganese industry, and South Blackwater Coal and Austral Coal in the coal sector.

He has previously been a director of two listed gold producers, and of companies listed on the ASX, TSX-V, LSE, and NYSE

What is your rationale for taking part 121 Mining Investment?

Introduction to patient investors interested in the emerging mining sector in Cuba, and participating in Antilles Gold’s growth through its investment in a series of gold, copper, and zinc mines through its joint venture with the Government’s mining company, GeoMinera.

What recent news would you like to highlight to investors attending?

ASX Announcement dated 6 September 2022 – Corporate Presentation, and ASX Announcement dated 24 August 2022 – Exploration Program

What are your key goals in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months?

3 Months:

Complete preliminary 2,000m drilling program on the El Pilar Cu-Au porphyry deposit, and its oxide cap, update JORC Resources and Scoping Study for La Demajagua mine, negotiate concentrate off-take agreements for the La Demajagua mine, and complete DFS for La Demajagua gold-silver mine.

6 Months:
Commence 15,000m drilling program on El Pilar copper-gold porphyry deposit, and 7,000m on the oxide cap.

12 Months:

Commence construction of La Demajagua open pit mine, establish JORC Resources and Scoping Study for development of a mine on the EL Pilar oxide deposit, and Initial JORC Resources for El Pilar porphyry deposit.

What do you see as the key risks and challenges facing your company at the moment and how are you overcoming these?

Biggest challenge is project financing for Cuba with US sanctions in place but preliminary discussions with financiers in Canada, Spain, and the UK are encouraging

What do you think makes your company such a compelling investment?

Serious growth potential from a very low base

What are the top 3 key investor takeaways?

Antilles Gold has great partnership in Cuba with Government support, near term cash flow from the La Demajagua mine after a very low entry cost, and the opportunity to participate in a pipeline of development and exploration projects.