Adam Best

Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

Andrew Phillips

Executive Director, Lithium Power International Ltd.

Angela Durrant

Principal Analyst, Nickel, Wood Mackenzie

Barry Dawes

Executive Chairman, Martin Place Securities

Cameron Perks

Senior Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Clyde Russell

Asia Commodities and Energy Columnist, Thomson Reuters

Dan Porter

Portfolio Manager (Resources), PURE Asset Management

David Franklyn

Head of Funds Management, Argonaut

Gavin Wendt

Founding Director and Senior Resource Analyst, MineLife

Guy Keller

Commodities Specialist and PM Nuclear Energy Opportunities Fund, Tribeca Investment Partners

Harry Fisher

Project Manager (Consultancy), Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Henry Jennings

Market Strategist and Analyst, Marcustoday

James Kruger

Partner, New Electric Partners

James Stewart

Natural Resources Portfolio Manager/Mining Equity Analyst, Ausbil Investment Management Ltd.

Jan Fuchter

Director, Project & Structured Finance, Export Finance Australia

Joel Crane

Investor Rolations/Commercial Manager, Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited

John Dorian

Investment Manager, Orion Resource Partners

John Forwood

Chief Investment Officer, Lowell Resources Funds

Kelly Earle

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Skeena

Matt Griffin

Co-Portfolio Manager, Maple-Brown Abbott

Matt Fifield

Managing Partner, Pacific Road Capital

Nicholas Frappell

Global Head Institutional Markets, ABC Refinery

Piers Montgomery

 Principal Analyst, CRU

Rick Squire

Portfolio Manager, Acorn Capital

Warwick Grigor

Chairman, Far East Capital