Day 1

Thursday 16 May

08:00 Registration opens and breakfast

08:50 121 Group’s opening remarks

09:00 Special guest interview: The investment leader

09:30 Oil & Gas investment outlook for 2019/2020
• Where are we in the current investment cycle? What is current investor appetite for hydrocarbons?
• The Trump White House, US-Sino relations, new technological developments, Venezuela: what macro developments are impacting investment, and how?
• What are the prospects for oil and gas investment in an increasingly carbon concerned world?
• What opportunities does a supply side crunch open to investors?

11:00 Exploration activity and investment
A presentation demonstrating the value of exploration

11:30  Integrated O&G outlook 2019/2020 
An outlook for 2019/2020 from the view of the majors

12:00 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

12:30 Spotlight on: Private equity funding in today’s investment climate

• A review of the global private equity markets
• When is the best time to exit? What should investors look out for?
• How can private equity generate value through their portfolios across the oil and gas life cycle?
• Patient capital: how can PE investors best plan for the future?

13:00 Networking Lunch

14:00 PE funding in today’s investment climate
The climate for today’s PE funding and outlook for the next 12 month

14:30 Investment panel: Australia 2019
• What is the outlook for the Australian oil and gas industry?
• What are the key logistical and regulatory challenges to investing in Australia?
• East coast gas supply – what does a shortfall mean for investors?
• Discuss the best ways to remedy this short fall? Greater government involvement, more infrastructure investment, increase in imports?

15:00 M&A trends for 2019/2020
An analysis of oil & gas acquisitions and divestitures

15:30 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

16:00 Spotlight on: Future proofing the oil & gas industry
Digitalisation, the great shift, the green agenda… How to future proof E&Ps

16:30 Day one closing remarks

16:35 Drinks reception at Grand Café Terrace