Day 2

Friday 17 May

08:00 Registration opens and breakfast

08:50 121 Groups Day two welcoming remarks

09:00 Day two opening keynote

09:30 Investment panel: Asia investment outlook
• What markets in Asia currently look attractive to investors?
• Exploring the best funding options for E&P companies across Asia
• What long term implications does the rise of renewable energy have for oil and gas investment in the region?
• Are we going to see shale take off in Asia? If so… where?

10:00 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

10:30 Chinese outbound investment activity
A deep dive into PRC cash flows

11:00 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

12:00 Investment panel: Debt finance
• Outlook for upstream debt finance
• Reserve based lending, convertibles, mezzanine finance; what options are available for E&P companies? And which option works best for you?
• How best to align the interests of the borrower and investor to ensure successful project outcomes?
• What is the current appetite of the big banks?

12:30 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 The role of gas in the energy mix
• How does gas fit into APAC’s energy mix given the rise in carbon neutral power sources and the decline in coal energy?
• Where is investment for gas exploration going to come from? Where should investors start?
• How can gas projects remain competitive in the decades to come?
• What is the outlook for investing in LNG?

14:30 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

15:30 ESG in oil & gas
A look at socially responsible investment

16:00 Closing remarks

16:10 121 Oil & Gas Hong Kong closing drinks