Day 1

Tuesday 26 May

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Welcoming remarks

09:10 The decarbonisation of energy systems, and what this means for Oil & Gas
• A leading analyst discusses the impact of decarbonisation on oil and gas investment

09:30 Investor outlook for the energy market 2020/2021
• What is current investor appetite for oil and gas?
• OPEC+ production cuts, US-Sino trade dispute, tensions in the Middle East, continued US shale production; what are the macro concerns shaping investor sentiment over the next 12 months?
• The impact of energy transition on the sector: what does this mean for hydrocarbon investment?
• Finding the balance between growth and capital discipline in a supply glut
• Why should investors be looking at Junior E&Ps? And why now?
• ESG: what should investors be looking for when measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an opportunity?

10:00 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

11:00 E&P performance across the region
• How are independents performing regionally?
• What are the capital flows and sentiment for oil and gas equities?
• An analysis of oil and gas acquisitions and divestitures: where next for investors after low deal volumes?
• Are E&P companies undervalued in today’s climate?
• Late life assets and mature field management: what lessons can local E&Ps learn from recent activity in the North Sea oil fields?

11:30 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

12:30 Energy transition: O&G’s changing role in the energy mix
• A look at the changing role of O&G within the global energy mix; how does APAC compare?
• What impact are we seeing from renewables on O&G energy investment in Asia?
• How are Majors and NOC’s adapting to a lower carbon future: who is transforming, who is adapting, and who is defending their position?
• How are investors positioning themselves to take advantage of the energy transition?
• What role can E&Ps play in the move to greener energy?

13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 Crude review: Oil outlook for 2020/2021
• Trade war, increased production, a slowing global economy: what is the outlook for oil investment in a bearish market?
• Have we reached peak oil demand? If not, when? If so, what next?
• How best can investors position themselves in this low-priced environment?

14:30 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

15:00 Exploration activity across the region
• What is the current appetite for exploration?
• What demand are seeing from Majors to invest in Junior plays?
• Where are we seeing exploration activity focused across APAC?
• How to overcome competition for quality acreage?

15:30 Oil & Gas outlook for Australia 2020/2021
• What opportunities does the east coast production short fall open for investors?
• Mature fields and late life assets: how best to maximize yields from these assets?
• How well positioned is Australia to supply growing Asian economies?
• A look at the changing role of oil and gas in Australia’s domestic energy mix

16:00 Gas-to-Power economics in Asia
• China, Thailand, Bangladesh … where are the leading markets for Gas-to-Power in Asia?
• Assessing the switch from coal to gas across APAC: who is leading and who is lagging?
• How strong is APAC infrastructure to support the growth of LNG? Where are the gaps?
• What is the market penetration in APAC of renewable energy? How will this energy source impact the growth of Gas-to-Power?
• What role does gas play in bridging the energy gap to a decarbonised future?

16:30 Upstream private equity panel: adding value to E&Ps
• How can PE maximise its value add to an E&P company?
• PE selection strategies and criteria for investing in E&Ps
• Analysing long term exit strategies in a rapidly changing market place
• How best can PE investors position themselves to thrive during the upcoming energy transition?

17:00 Day one closing remarks & networking drinks reception