Day 2

Wednesday 27 May

08:00 Registration opens & morning refreshments

08:50 Day two welcoming remarks

09:00 National Oil Companies: overviews and appetites
• What is the outlook for NOCs across Asia-Pacific?
• What opportunities are there for investors from governments seeking alternative means of funding capital requirements?
• What is the appetite for NOCs to invest in the Junior space?
• Farm-ins, JVs… what opportunities are open to independents to work with NOCs?

09:30 Above ground risks facing E&P investors
• Regulatory changes, fiscal terms, political outook, climate policy risk… an overview of the above ground risks facing E&Ps across the region

10:00 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

11:00 Morning networking and refreshments

11:30 Upstream debt finance: how much, from whom, and when?
• What is the outlook for upstream debt finance?
• Streaming, reserve-based lending, mezzanine finance: a look at the options available to independents
• Increasing conservatism from banks: what opportunities are opening up in the credit market for new players?
• How best to align the interests of borrower and lender in today’s market?

12:00 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

Adam Janikowski, Executive Director, CIBC

13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 Oil & Gas company CEO presentations

15:00 China: Oil & Gas outlook for the Middle Kingdom
• How big a part of the energy mix will Oil & Gas play in China’s continued development?
• What opportunities are opening to investors thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative? What does China’s growing presence along the value chain mean to O&G investors?
• How is Central Government policy shaping oil and gas demand?
• How feasible is the petroyuan as an alternative to the petrodollar?

15:30 South Asia: meeting the energy needs of the world’s most populated region
• What is the outlook for Oil and Gas opportunities in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh?
• What investments are the Supermajors and NOCs making in the region? How can investors and independents benefit?
• Gas-to-Power: how developed is the regions infrastructure for the growth of gas consumption?
• A review of government initiatives to develop a low carbon, gas powered future

16:00 Close of conference & farewell networking drinks