A new breed of conference…
Focused on connecting property company CEOs and investors 1-2-1.

What to expect.

The 121 Property Investment Hong Kong event will connect a wide range of international property development companies with leading property funds, investors and financiers from Hong Kong, Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region.

The forum is built around a focused and targeted two-day meeting programme, providing a time and resource efficient way for the senior management teams of property development companies to meet with investors in one of the world’s leading property investment hubs and for investors to appraise a wide range of overseas property investment opportunities.

Why attend?

The 121 event model is a highly efficient use of delegate’s time connecting the property finance community outside of the usual sell side corporate access channels.  This is a rare occasion for an unparalleled bill of property development companies made available for investors to meet with in the heart of Hong Kong.  And registration for institutional and sophisticated investors is free.

In the last year alone, 121 events have featured more than 400 companies, bringing them together with over 1600 investment firms to discuss the latest trends and investment opportunities.

Investor registration is now open for those looking to meet with a host of new property development investment opportunities. Limited places are available and you can secure your place today by registering here for your FREE investor pass.

Why Hong Kong is the perfect location for 121 Property Investment

• Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading centres of property investment capital and is a key conduit for Chinese outbound investment

• After many years of strong growth Hong Kong and China’s domestic property markets have cooled somewhat of late, leading investors to look overseas for new investment ideas and improved yields

• Hong Kong funds have a strong track record of investment into North America, Europe, Australia and key locations in East and South East Asia


How does it work?

1. Register
Entry is restricted to qualified investors, analysts and senior executives from property development companies keeping every meeting focused on investment and financingion

2. Pre-arrange meetings
Prior to the summit, all investor/analyst participants will receive a list of the corporates participating in the event, along with information about their projects. Simply select those companies whose management teams you would like to meet and we will build you a personalised schedule of 1-2-1 meetings.

3. Attend
Events are built around two days of pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings alongside a two-day conference programme packed with investor insight panels, analyst market updates and project spotlight presentations.

Highlights of our recent Mining Investment Hong Kong event

To give you more of an idea about how our 121 Investment events work, check out this highlights video from out recent mining event – bringing together 53 mining companies with 200 investors for over 800 investment meetings!


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