About 121 Investment Events.

Since our inception, 121 Group has brought together over 1,000 companies with over 4,500 investors, resulting in over 15,000 1-2-1 meetings. Last year alone, 121 events have featured more than 400 companies, bringing them together with over 1600 investment firms to discuss the latest trends and investment opportunities.

We’ve put together a collection of testimonials from satisfied companies below for you to gain more of an idea about how 121 Investment Events work, and why you should attend, and you can also view the highlights from our most recent Hong Kong Mining Investment event.


“The 121 conferences continue to deliver very good value, providing intensive meeting schedules with high quality investors, removed from the noise of service providers and salesmen who overwhelm most conferences.”

Errol Smart, Orion Minerals

“The 121 conferences provide the best personal environment so that our companies story can be presented to a carefully vetted and very professional investor base.”

Archie Koimtsidis, Cardinal Resources

“This has been a great conference for us to reach out to the Asian market. We’ve had a lot of interest both from Hong Kong and Chinese investors, and we’re excited to come back next year.”

Jonathan Hunter, Department 13


“In terms of our set KPI’s we believe the 121 Conference gives us a greater probability of achieving a successful outcome, in a time effective manner.”

Trevor Benson, Walkabout Resources

“It brings rapid 30 minute meetings with very interested, dedicated people, big potential stakeholders, shareholders, investors, bankers – all sorts of people related to what we need to complete this project.”

Guy Bourassa, Nemaska Lithium

“We’ve had an overwhelming response – It’s opened up an enormous amount of doors for us and it’s been a wonderfully run event for us.”

David Moylan, Vault Intelligence


“The format is fantastic. You’re meeting with really good investors. They are engaged in what they’re doing and they have money to put to work. It’s a great, delightful experience.”

Rod Sherwood, CVCheck

“It’s probably the best format for a conference that I’ve been to. There’s not that trade show element that can happen in some of these forums.”

Bradley Drabsch, Trek Metals

“The one-to-one events are a great way for innovative companies to get exposure to Asian investors and people who are interested in getting behind exciting new technology projects.”

Phil George, Bamboo


“121 has been great. It’s unique in that it places focus on the individual meetings that you get to have with investors or family offices. That seems to be really beneficial.”

Noah Abelson-Gertler, ShareRoot

“Fund managers were well briefed on projects, so meetings were focused and to the point. Given the highly concentrated environment of CEOs and fund managers, it meant the ad-hoc interactions and introductions – which are a vital part of any conference – were all informative and useful, often giving a lead on a potential new investor.”

Danny Keating, Dynamic Mining

“It’s just a great conference in terms of the ability to bring together investors from around Asia. The format’s good. It works well. I’ve been surprised by the strong interest and seriousness of the investors, and the companies that are showing here are all wonderful, interesting companies. So it’s a great initiative.”

Chris Tait, Atomos