Day 2

08:30 – Registration and breakfast

08:50 – Day two welcoming remarks

09:00 – Opening Discussion: South East Asia property outlook

• Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines: Where is hot now in South East Asia?
• What are the macro-influences that will affect South East Asia’s property market?
• What is the best route to take when investing in the region?
• Residential, tourism, industrial; a closer look at the sectors expected to make the best return in Asia’s emerging markets

Panellists include:
Eric Solberg, CEO, The EXS Capital Group,

09:30 – UK investment outlook: The UK in focus

• Pros and cons of investing in a post Brexit UK
• Northshoring: Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham – where next for investors?
• Outlook for London: opportunities from the rise of STEM and TMT professionals in the city
• Residential, office, niche alternatives – which markets look most attractive?
• The rise of REITs for UK sub-sectors such as social housing, senior care and health care

Panellists include:
Colin Bennett, Managing Director, Kaplink

10:10 – Property Company Presentations

11:00 – Spotlight on: Multi-family and Co-living

• What is the current appetite for multi-family/co-living?
• Where is this sector likely to grow?
• What are the best avenues for investors to get access to this market?

Panellists include:
Blake Olafson, Managing Partner, Asia Capital Real Estate

11:30 – Investing in Australia: Assessing investment trends for the key cities and beyond

• Which locations and types of project are attracting Asian capital?’
• Beyond Sydney and Melbourne: where are new investment opportunities being created?
• Prices, interests and yields: outlook for returns for the Australian property market
• Legal and tax implications for overseas investment in Australia

12:00 – Property company presentations

13:00 – Networking lunch

14:00 – Spotlight on: PropTech

• What are the latest trends within Property Technology and what are Investors getting excited about?
• Which areas of the real estate ecosystem are most ripe for disruption?
• What are the challenges facing the wider adoption of PropTech?

Panellists include:
Mattan Lurie, Senior Investment Director, LKF Group

14:30 – Spotlight on: The Australian agribusiness

• Where are we in the agribusiness investment lifecycle?
• What should investors look for in an agribusiness partner, and what should partners look for in an investor?
• Aquaculture, beef, lamb, dairy…where are the biggest growth opportunities to be found?
• What are the latest innovations impacting Australia’s agribusiness?

15:00 – An eye on the SAR: Strategies for capturing growth in Hong Kong

• Investment outlook for the Hong Kong real estate market
• Micro apartments, co-working spaces; what are the latest trends in the region?
• Beyond Central: growing property hotspots across the S.A.R
• Repositioning from core to value-add in a high priced, relatively illiquid market

Panellists include:
Jonathan Chau, Senior Director, Investment, Savills
Denis Ma, Head of Research, Jones Lang LaSalle

15:30 – Closing remarks and farewell drinks