Day 2

08:30 – Registration opens and networking breakfast

09:00 – Investor insight: The affordable housing crises

• Land supply constraints, improved public transportation, government policy: what are the most effective ways to deal with increasing house prices?
• How is the residential sector evolving to meet the demands of buyers? How can investors make the most out of this situation?
• Where are we seeing the afford-ability crises biting the hardest? Where are investors seeing opportunities?

09:30 – Sector focus: Tourism and leisure

• Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo, the Gulf… Where will investors find the best hospitality plays?
• Geopolitics meets tourism: how should investors position themselves to benefit from redirected visitor flow?
• Capital markets, M&A, JVs: what is the best approach to investing in this sector?
• Sustainability, carbon footprint, modernised services: what do investors need to know about the latest trends in travel and tourism?

10:00 – Property company presentations


11:00 – Sector focus: Senior housing

• Investing in senior housing: why this and why now?
• Assisted living, nursing homes, independent living: where can investors expect the best returns?
• What are the differing operating models available? And which ones are best to invest in?
• How best to overcome the cultural sensitivities surrounding senior housing across the region?

11:30 – Property company presentations


12:30 – Country in focus: Japan

• What makes the Japanese market so attractive to Singapore’s real estate investors?
• Examining the outlook for J-REITs for 2020/2021
• 2020 Olympics and the Chinese tourism boom: an analysis of Japan’s tourism industry and what opportunities this opens up for investors
• What do investors need to know before investing directly into a project in Japan?

13:00 – Networking lunch break


14:00 – Country in focus: Thailand

• Bust or correction? What is the outlook for Bangkok’s property market?
• What does the latest revision of the Bangkok City Plan mean for investors?
• Bangkok, Phuket, Chang Mai: where are the opportunities to be found in Thailand’s tourism & leisure and senior living sectors?
• Thailand and the Sino-US trade dispute: what opportunities does this open for the native export and logistics industries?

14:30 – Property company presentations


15:00 – Country in focus: Vietnam

• What is investor sentiment for Hanoi and HCMC?
• Da Nang, Hue, Nha Trang: a look at the best ROI across the rest of the country
• How can investors best position themselves to capture Vietnam’s demographic window and rapid urbanisation?
• A look at the rapid increase in both international and domestic tourism: where best to invest and what should investors take into account?
• Manufacturing and logistics: how is Vietnam benefiting from the Sino-US trade war?

15:30 – Networking refreshments


16:00 – Country focus: Australia

• What is the current outlook for the Australian real estate sector?
• Core and more: what types of projects are attracting Singaporean capital?
• Where are Australian transaction volumes this year? And where is overall pricing compared to last year?
• Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: which tier 1 cities are offering the best returns for investors? And where can opportunities be found further afield?
• Assessing the impact of the Royal Commission on the investment landscape and what this means for investors

16:30 – Country focus: The Philippines

• Metro Manila: What is the outlook for real estate investment in the city?
• What does the Build, Build, Build (BBB) mean for investors now?
• A look beyond the capital: where can investors find the best returns across the city?
• Office, retail, gaming: what asset classes are attracting foreign capital and why?

17:00 – Closing remarks and farewell networking drinks