Agenda day one.

08:00 – Registration & breakfast

08:50 – 121 welcoming remarks

09:00 – Tech Investment Outlook 2018

• Where are we in the current tech investment lifecycle?
• Cryptocurrencies, smart cities, eSports, blockchain; where are investors putting their money, what are the latest trends, and where is the next bull market to be found?
• How does the APAC technology landscape compare to the rest of the world? Where is it leading, and where is it lagging?
• What do recent valuations and raisings tell us about the state of the market?
• Has “Bitcoin-mania” been a positive or a negative influence in the market?

Panellists include:
Alyssa Aaron, Director of Investments, Nest Ventures
Melvin Chen, CEO & Founder, StarLake Capital
Michael Feldman, Managing Partner, Cukierman & Co.
Chibo Tang,
Managing Director, Gobi Partners

09:30 – Tech company presentations

09:30 Helios Wire, Scott Larsen
09:40  eyeSight Technologies
09:50 Mobecom 
10:00  NVoi
10:10  Ynvisible Interactive
10:20  CommsChoice

10:30 – Belt & Road Blockchain: The future of Halal & Green finance

Pindar Wong, Chief Architect, Belt and Road Blockchain Consortium

10:50 – B2B E-Commerce: The fastest growing method to sell technologies globally

Terry Roberts, CEO & Founder, WhiteHawk

11:10 – Sector Focus: Distributed Ledger Technology

• Has 2018 seen the bursting of the Bitcoin bubble or the legitimisation of a volatile currency?
• The scalability of DLT: The path to Interoperability, increased energy usage and burgeoning amounts of data
• The implications of government intervention on the implementation of blockchain technology

Guest Moderator:
Napoleon Biggs, Founder & Market Accelerator,Web Wednesday Ventures

Panellists include:
John Fiorelli, Global Head of Advisory, Kenetic Capital
Liam Gilligan, Head of eXellerator Lab, Standard Chartered Bank
Adrian Lai, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Orichal Partners
Juwan Lee, Co-Founder and Director, The Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong
Zach Piester, Co-Founder, Chief Development Officer, Intreped Ventures

11:50 – ICO company presentations by DigitalX

11:50  DigitalX,
12:00  ShareRoot
12:10  Bamboo Core
12:20  Human Protocol

12:30 – ICO company presentations

12:30  PlayUp
12:40  Cloudbric
12:50  SportsFix

13:00 – Networking lunch break

14:00 – Sector Focus: Fintech

• WealthTech, InsurTech, RegTech… What are the hottest trends in Fintech for 2018?
• Given recent security concerns, is blockchain fit for purpose within the highly regulated financial services sector?
• How best to marry the two fintech ideals of accessibility and security?
• How are regulators keeping up with this ever-changing tech landscape?

Guest Moderator:
Andrew Work, Head Content Strategist, Asia Pacific, NexChange

Panellists include:
Marco Arosti, Managing Partner, Phoenician Group
Melissa Guzy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Arbor Ventures
Michael Lints,
Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
James Savage,
Founding Partner, demetr ventures

14:50 – Tech company presentations

15:00  MobileBridge
15:10  Novatti
15:20  FundPark
15:30  Multiversum

15:40 – Sector Focus: Tech investment in China

• The development of Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and iFlyTek national team; what opportunities for growth does this present for investors?
• The best strategy for partnership with a Chinese tech major
• How are China’s tech majors faring in foreign markets against local competition and US rivals?
• The localisation of tech and best business models for Chinese consumers

Guest Moderator:
Patrick Kirby, Director, TMT & Innovations, KPMG

Panellists include:
Wayne Chu, Investment Partner, MindWorks Ventures
Cynthia Meng, Managing Partner, Credence Investment
Henry Tan, Co-Founder & General Partner, Qventure Partners

16:10 – Tech company presentations by Truffle Capital

16:10  Truffle Capital
16:20  MoneyTrack
16:30  ABIVAX
16:40 Affluent Medical

16:50 – AI Edge Computing: The Power of Integrating Algorithm and Processor

Jason Panyang, VP, Corporate Finance and Strategy, Horizon Robotics

17:10 – Closing Keynote: Clean meats for the 21st century

Brad Barbera, Director of Innovation, The Good Food Institute

17:40 – Closing Remarks and drinks reception at Grand Hyatt Pool House