Agenda day two.

08:00 – Registration and breakfast

08:50 – Day two welcoming remarks

09:00 – Artificial Intelligence & Profitability

Fabrice Fischer, Founder & CEO, Blu Ltd

09:20 – Sector Focus: Smart Cities; smart living 

• Given the large developmental risks with smart cities, what are the best investment models available today?
• Can investment in smart cities be scaled up to an institutional level? If so, how best to alleviate the risks?
• Smart City governance: How to bring citizens onside for these intiatives?
• How does Hong Kong fare in the race to develop smart cities?

Panellists include:
Atin Batra, Associate, Qventure Partner
Leo Chiu, Vice Chairman, Investment Committee, Smart City Consortium
Mike Mastroyiannis, Founder & Managing Partner, TenX2
Jason Panyang, VP, Corporate Finance and Strategy, Horizon Robotics

09:50 – Omnichannel retail – Does it really exit?

Napoleon Biggs, Founder & Market Accelerator, Web Wednesday Ventures Limited

10:10 – Tech company presentations

10:10 AntiSense Therapeutics
10:20 AdAlta Sam Cobb
10:30 SECOS Group
10:40 4Dx
10:50 D13

11:00 – Sector Focus: BioTech & Life Sciences

• Hottest sector in biotech – Where is the money flowing?
• Gene editing: What investors should be looking for?
• How approvals and permitting needs to evolve to enable the commercial development of personalised medicines
• Generics and the pharma business model – How is regulation evolving to support both affordable medicines and the funding of new drug development?

Guest Moderator:
Irene Chu, Head of New Economy and Life Sciences, KPMG China

Panellists include:
Dr. Yingying Chen, Director, GF Investments
Rani Jarkas, Chairman, Cedrus Group
Sabrina Khan, CFO, Aptorum Group
Antoine Pau,Partner, Truffle Capital

11:30 – Tech company presentations

11:30 ChemioCare
11:40 Posture 360
11:50 Medibio
12:00 Nuheara
12:10 Alcidion

12:20 – Sector Focus:HealthTech

• From augmented reality and AI enabled voice technology to nano-diagnostics; what are the hottest trends in 2018?
• What are the key liability and ethical considerations of entrusting health care decisions to artificial intelligence?
• What opportunities arise when HealthTech is coupled with edge computing and the IoT?
• Allaying privacy concerns in a world of patient centric healthcare and DNA profiling

Panellists include:
Bosun Hau, Head of Global Healthcare, Sailing Capital
Cherry Lu, Founder & Managing Partner, Red Hill Capital
Dr. Jason Mann, Managing Director, ProMed Advisors
Furuzonfar Zehni, Senior Associate, Fresco Capital

13:00 – Lunch Break

14:00 – Tech company presentations

14:00 Atomos
14:10 Vault Intelligence
14:20 CV Check
14:30 Agent Select
14:40 Accrue

15:00 – Catalonia: The technology hub for Southern Europe

Madrona Marcet, Director, Catalonia Trade & Investment Hong Kong

15:10 – The Greater Bay Area and the opportunities for technology investment

Petrina Tam, China Committee Vice Chairman, HKGCC

15:30 – Sector Focus: EdTech

• Traditional education models have barely changed over the past century; why is the education sector now ripe for disruption?
• How can investors insure that new technology delivers more than just a gamified experience?
• Achieving the balance between consumer usability, educational value, and a sound business model
• Developing an educational tool that can be scaled up across APAC

Panellists include:
Brad Barbera, Board of advisors, Strategic Innovation, Zia Learning
Anthony Chan, Chief Executive Officer, Isola Capital
Raj Shashtri, Partner, Kaizen Private Equity

16:10 – Closing remarks and farewell drinks reception