Agenda day one

08:00 – Registration opens

08:50 – A welcome to the 2nd 121 Tech Investment London conference & business card exchange

09:00 – Panel: Forces of disruption and innovation – institutional investor’s outlook for technology investment

• How do leading tech investors think about risk, return and impact in a maturing yet resilient sector?
• Opportunities beyond FAANG – Which exciting growth themes are investors seeking exposure to within the tech asset class?
• Are there risk disciplines that will reduce volatility of returns within emerging technologies?
• Health and long-term fundamentals UK tech
• 5G rollout – a panacea for connectivity or slow to impact
• Will regulatory risks present a continual headwind for the sector?
• If there is an inherent trade-off between financial return and impact how is technology challenging this view?
Bruce Beckloff, Co-Founder & CEO, Bloc Ventures

09:40 – Sector keynote: Championing small cap technology stocks

Katie Potts, Managing Director, Herald Investment Management

10:10 – Tech company presentations

11:00 – Fintech investor Panel: Fintech trends capturing investor’s attention in 2019/20

• Challenger and mobile banks, insuretech, blockchain 3.0 – what innovations are exciting investors now?
• Are SME’s / SMB’s the next battleground for fintechs?
• Views on evolving risks in cybersecurity
• Investing in diversity – correlations to diverse boards and successful companies

11:40 Tech company presentations

12:00 – Investment panel: UK outlook – innovating and remaining competitive

• What continues to attract investors to UK-based tech companies?
• How London has manged to remain at the top of the list for equity raising and IPO locations
• UK tech R&D hubs – Oxford, Cambridge, London triangle
• Perspectives on the UK from overseas investors

13:00 – Networking lunch break

14:00 – Tech company presentations

14:30 – Investor briefing: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning transforming the finance industry


15:00 – Future of mobility panel: How to capitalise on unbundling of mobility services

• Are car companies being overly optimistic on autonomous vehicle roll out in order to appeal to investors and gain media attention?
• Where in the value chain for autonomous vehicles is the smart money going? Is there a clear preferred mix of cameras, radar, lidar and ultrasound – or is there space for new disruptors?
• Tackling the complex and high-value challenge to significantly roll out mobility and autonomous solutions to a mass market
• Is the future entirely autonomous or restricted to commercial fleets and luxury cars?
Miles Kirby, Managing Director, AV8 Capital Partners

15:40- Banking Panel: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning transforming the finance industry

16:30 – End of day one networking drinks

16:40 – 121 drinks reception