Agenda day two

08:00 – Registration opens

08:50 – Day two welcoming remarks

09:00 –Panel: Health tech – Rethinking healthcare investments for patients, payers and providers

• From DNA analysis, genomics, blockchain to VR, what are the emerging investment themes in health-tech?
• How tech is powering the switch from disease-centered healthcare to patient-centered healthcare
• Are better and more sophisticated data sharing practices needed to unlock further value in the sector?
• Will growth in health-tech services be different for lower and middle-income countries from wealthier countries?
Alan Greenberg, Advisor, 8GT Fund

09:40 – Tech company presentations

10:30Panel: Blockchain for society and businesses – realising the next phase of vale creation for investors

• Characterising the creative and effective ways in which DLT is changing lives and businesses
• Blockchain for operating systems
• What is holding wider adoption of DLT back? Is the capacity there? Is the pool of developer talent currently big enough?
• Innovative financing models for blockchain businesses

11:00 – Tech company presentations

12:00 – Analyst briefing: Blockchain 3.0 – how sophisticated and institutional investors will capitalise

• Crypto 3.0 coming through – the case for institutional and sophisticated investors to trade in crypto
• Helping investors gain access without having to significantly upskill
Lewis Fellas, Portfolio Manager, Bletchley Park Asset Management

12:30 – Tech company presentations

13:00 – Networking lunch break

14:00 – Panel: Corporate Venture Capital and strategic partnerships

• Understanding Corporate venture capital strategy
• Beyond equity – partners to help scale and innovate
• Taking on more market risk – how upstream will corporate VCs go – how early stage and for which technologies?
• Advantages of Corporate VCs – leveraging the parent organisation, differentiating from a thousand chequebooks

14:40 – Tech company presentations

15:30 – Panel: Corporate Venture Capital and strategic partnerships

• Where will 5G impact the most – unprecedented levels of connectivity or a slow and impactless to roll out
• What to do with the data

16:00 – Panel: Corporate Venture Capital and strategic partnerships

• Competing with conventional energy sources – is enough capital flowing into clean tech? Is global battery storage capacity growing at sufficient pace to meet world demands?
• Who are the leaders in battery storage and where are investors looking across the value chain?
• How do investors value the economic benefit of an investment in grid-scale battery storage?

17:00 – Closing remarks