Focusing on growth stage companies, 121 Tech Investment Singapore is designed to connect tech company management teams from around the world with Singapore’s tech investment and finance community through a unique 1-2-1 meeting service.


Following the success of our 121 Tech Investment Hong Kong event, we are bringing it to Singapore this Autumn! In December 2019, at the Mandarin Oriental, 25 tech companies will join 150 sophisticated investors in for over 375 pre-arranged, targeted 1-2-1 investment meetings at 121 Tech Investment Singapore.

By building the event around a focused and targeted meeting programme, 121 Tech Investment provides a time and resource efficient way for companies to meet new investors and for investors to appraise a wide range of opportunities.

Meetings are pre-arranged through the 121 Meeting Planner tool. Through the tool investors can view details of all tech companies attending and request private 1-2-1 meetings with them. This ensures that you get more in-depth information on each company and their projects before your meetings, and that you only meet with companies who fit your investment criteria.

"We’ve had more meetings with the right guys in the last two days than we would usually have in two to three months."

Neil Graham
Long Pipes
"We’ve found the event to be very good. We particularly liked the format where we knew who we were coming to meet."

Adam Samuel
"I think it’s been fantastic – one of the best investment events that I’ve turned up to. The meeting pods are great as you can have a very quiet place to go one-on-one with potential investors.”

Amir Farhand

Focus on 1-2-1 meetings – 121 Tech Investment Singapore is based around two days of pre-arranged, targeted 1-2-1 meetings between tech company founders and management teams and sophisticated investors, meaning you can arrive with a schedule already full of relevant corporate access meetings.

Only open to qualified investors and tech companies – We don’t sell delegate tickets. We pre-screen all attendees and aim for a 4:1 investor to corporate ratio, with no service providers in attendance, apart from a handful of relevant brokers and bankers who can attend as sponsors.

Arrive fully prepared – Unlike other conferences, where you don’t know who you are going to meet, the 121 format allows you to pre-screen your meetings through our online meeting planner, ensuring that your time at the event is well spent meeting only relevant companies and investors.

Superior matchmaking experience – We provide assistance in getting you a structured meeting schedule that exactly suits your needs.  We are very proactive in ensuring you meet the people that fit your remit, and will liaise with you pre-event to make sure you get the most out of your two days.

A tried and trusted formula – Since our inception, 121 Group has brought together over 1,000 companies with over 4,500 investors, resulting in over 15,000 1-2-1 meetings. Our latest 121 Tech Investment Event in Hong Kong this June saw 40 tech companies meet with 225+ investors, and was described as “Awesome”, “Fantastic”, “Unique” and “One of the best events I’ve ever attended”


1. Register
Entry is restricted to qualified investors, analysts and senior tech company executives keeping every meeting focused on investment and financing discussion

2. Pre-arrange meetings
Prior to the summit, all investor/analyst participants will receive a list of the tech corporates participating in the event, along with information about their projects. Simply select those companies whose management teams you would like to meet and we will build you a personalised schedule of 1-2-1 meetings.

3. Attend
Events are built around two days of pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings alongside a two-day conference programme packed with investor insight panels, analyst market updates and CEO spotlight presentations.





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