Day 1

08:00 – Registration & breakfast

08:50 – 121 Welcoming remarks

09:00 – Looking ahead: technology investment outlook for 2019

• Where are we in the current technology investment life-cycle?
• Cryptocurrencies, smart cities, eSports, blockchain; where are investors putting their money, what are the latest trends, and where is the next bull market to be found?
• How does the APAC technology landscape compare to the rest of the world? Where is it leading, and where is it lagging?
• What do recent valuations and raisings tell us about the state of the market?
• Beyond Bitcoin; where next for Blockchain?

Panellists include:
Ryan Collins, Managing Director, MassMutual Ventures
Fernand Lendoye, Managing Partner, Aviva Ventures
Jeff Lin, Principal, iGlobe Partners
Julian Low, Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Vertex Ventures
Kian Woon Yap, Executive Director, CMIA

09:40 – A deep dive into Deep Tech

Wee Meng Thoo, Head of Investments, TMT Sector, Leonie Hill Capital

10:00 – Tech company presentations

10:00 Microba
10:10 NeuroScientific
10:20 ShareRoot
10:30 LBT Innovations

10:40 – Tech investment in the Lion City

• What does recent investment activity tell us about Singapore’s tech investor appetite?
• What are the best types of funding available in Singapore?
• Government support, strong pool of talent, infrastructure support – what can be done to further develop Singapore’s investor community?
• Where in South East Asia are Singapore’s investors getting most excited about?
• Singapore and South East Asia – how can Singapore’s investors best capitalise on the regions growth?

Panellists include:
Dan Chong, Managing Partner, Gobi Partners
Will Klippgen, Managing Partner, Cocoon Capital
Daren Tan, Managing Partner, Golden Equator Capital
Ronnie Wee, Founder and Managing Partner, IncuVest

11:20 – Morning networking and refreshments

11:40 – Tech company presentations

11:40 Wedge Networks
11:50 YPB
12:00 Vault Intelligence

12:10 – Cybersecurity: 2019

Aloysius Cheang, Board Director, and Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, CSCSS

12:35 – The eSports economy

Frank Sliwka, COO Asia, ESL Asia

13:00 – Networking Lunch break

14:00 – The distributed ledger technology panel

• Blockchain today: what are investors getting excited about?
• The scalability of DLT: The path to interoperability, increased energy usage and burgeoning amounts of data
• The implications of government intervention on the implementation of Blockchain technology

Panellists include:
Brian Wee, Partner, 8capita
Melody He, Partner and Co-Founder, Spartan Group
Yi Ming Ng, Partner TRIVE
Collin Thompson, Co-Founder, Intrepid Ventures

14:40 – Tech company presentations

14:40 Takor Group
14:50 Skyy Network
15:00 Parazero

15:10 – Afternoon networking and refreshments

15:30 – A focus on Fintech

• WealthTech, InsurTech, RegTech, Social Payments… What are the hottest trends in Fintech moving into 2019?
• Given recent security concerns, is Blockchain fit for purpose within the highly regulated financial services sector?
• How best to marry the two fintech ideals of accessibility and security?
• How are regulators keeping up with this ever-changing technology landscape?

Panellists include:
Hans de Back, Partner, Finch Capital
Jeremy Berger, Portfolio Director, Life.SREDA
Ben Cheah Associate Director, InnoVen Capital
Prakhar Singh, Vice President, Eight Roads

16:10 – From primary to tertiary: investing in EdTech

• Traditional education models have barely changed over the past century; why is the education sector now ripe for disruption?
• Online tutoring, online management systems, adaptive learning platforms; what sub-sectors are hottest now?
• What business models are most successful when scaling up EdTech?

Panellists include:
Michele Daoud, Principal, Monk’s Hill Ventures
Raj Shastri, Partner, Kaizen Private Equity

16:40 – Closing remarks

17:00 – Closing Remarks and drinks reception at Bay@5