Day 2

08:30 – Registration and breakfast

09:20 – Day two welcoming remarks

09:30 – Investing in Green Technology

• From energy to ocean garbage – which industry clusters are hot right now?
• APAC political landscape: How are regional governments reacting to the green revolution? Where are the bright spots?
• Where is Singapore on its journey to being a smart, green and liveable city?

Moderated by:
David Wynne, President and CEO, Green Technology Asia
Panellists include:
Tim Hill, Research Director, Eco-Business Research
Harry Huo, Director, Global919

10:00 – Tech company presentations

10:00 Long Pipes
10:10 The Tech Project Group
10:20 PUML

11:00 – An eye on Healthtech

• From augmented reality and AI enabled voice technology to nano-diagnostics; what should we look forward to in 2019?
• What are the key liability and ethical considerations of entrusting health care decisions to artificial intelligence?
• Allaying privacy concerns in a world of patient centric healthcare and DNA profilin

Moderated by:
Rehan Khan, Founder, FirstPenguin Capital
Panellists include:
Wai Chiew Chik, CEO, Heritas Capital Management
Michael Feldman, Managing Partner, Cukierman & Co.
Anvesh Ramineni, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, MassMutual Ventures

11:40 – Clean eating for the new century

• What factors are driving up investment in the clean meats industry?
• Plant based produce to lab grown meats; what are the options available?
• Dairy industry, government legislation, consumers; what are the major obstacles facing the clean eating industry and how best to overcome them?

Panellists include:
Eugene Wong, Founder & Managing Director, Sirius Venture Capital
Isabelle Decitre, Founder & CEO, ID Capital

12:10 – Tech company presentations

12:10 Roll Call Solutions
12:20 Botman

12:30 – 2099: Tomorrow’s smart cities

Dr. Damian Tan, Managing Director, Vickers Venture Partners

13:00 – Closing remarks and networking lunch

16:00 – Farewell networking drinks