Our global online mining investment event dedicated to metals essential for the transition to net-zero

Connect online with energy transition metals investors around the world

121 Global Online: Tech Metals is an online global gathering, where professional investors, metals traders and end-users will have two days of 1-2-1 meetings with mining company management teams.


Combining 1-2-1 meetings with interactive webinars and keynotes from leading analysts and market commentators, participants will be able to:

  • Uncover opportunities to invest in new mine development projects

  • Identify the optimal jurisdictions for investing in exploration projects

  • Gain key insights into industrial and investment benefits for key resources

What is 121 Global Online?

Combining 121 Group’s global network of investors with The Assay’s ever-growing readership, this online event offers a global reach that physical events cannot match.


With no travel or accommodation costs, the event offers a highly cost-effective way for mining companies to connect with investors and metals buyers around the world.

How it works:


Registration is limited to mining companies and qualified investors, traders and end-users only.

Access planner

The meeting planner system will go live four weeks before the event, at which point you can login, view the mining companies and investors attending and start requesting meetings that are relevant to you.

Confirm schedule

Confirm meetings with only those mining companies or investors you are interested in meeting, and create a full schedule pre-event, ready to go on the day.

Join meetings online

On the day, simply login to the meeting planner to access your online 1-2-1 video meetings. Our dedicated concierge team will be on hand to assist you if you have any issues.

Mining companies already confirmed

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