Scam Warning

Beware of Third-Party Hotel & Delegate List Scams

Please be aware that event organisers around the world, including ours, are often target of groups trying to take advantage of event participants by offering all types of services that the organisers don’t sell. 

The phone and email solicitations include hotel offerings, attendee list rental and lead generation services.  Scammers do an excellent job of making themselves look like an approved vendor or employee of 121 Group.   

Please note:
121 Group
does not and will never sell attendee lists. We also do not sell hotel rooms. At times we may have a discount code for hotels but this would be direct with the hotel, not a third party. Please be vigilant when solicited for services from third parties.

Known Scam Companies

  • Aim Digital Pros
  • Asset Media Leads
  • Asteron technology
  • attendeescontactz
  • b2bleadsandcontactsexpo
  • b2bDataKernel
  • Bizbusinesstech
  • Business Travel Bureau
  • Carlsons B2B
  • CMI Event Travel
  • Conferencelseadexpos
  • Construct Data Verlag
  • Contact Attendees From Show
  • Contact Expos Lead
  • Corporate Booking Services – CBS International
  • Demand Generation Executive
  • Dynamic Global Leads
  • ETB
  • E-List Appenders
  • Event Attendees
  • Event Fair
  • Events 323
  • Eventsb2b
  • Event Travel Planners
  • Expo and Show Contacts
  • Expo Conferences Leads
  • Expo Guide
  • Expo Lead Contact
  • Event Prospex
  • Global Housing Corp
  • Info USA E-Data
  • International Business Pro
  • International Fairs Directory
  • ListExpo.Info
  • Leadsexpo
  • Market Media Pro
  • Metric Valor
  • Micro Info Tek
  • Pro Asset Media
  • Procure Marketing Guide
  • Targeted Mails
  • TekInfo Hub Services
  • Trade Shows Lead
  • Trade Show Organizer
  • Trimax Leads
  • Trade Show Internet

If you are contacted by one of the above, or other businesses trying to sell data or hotel rooms, our advice is to ignore them completely, and do not communicate with them in any way. Writing letters and responding to emails simply confirms that you exist and are available at the address/email address/number they have for you, and they will continue to pursue you.