A new breed of conference…
Focused on connecting mining company CEOs and investors 1-2-1.

"It’s been absolutely sensational. 85 companies here today, so many investors, it’s growing event by event and we’re really enthusiastic about being involved."

Lindsay Owler - Argonaut Resources
"It’s probably the best format for a conference that I’ve been to. There’s not that trade show element that can happen in some of these forums."

Bradley Drabsch – Trek Metals
"Every year I’ve been here, I see the progression of the quality of the people who are coming here and the quality of the investors that are coming here – we had 15 meeting slots a day and I’m full today and I’m full tomorrow, and I have 16 people who wanted to see me on top of that."

Brett Richards - Midnight Sun Mining

What happened?

121 Mining Investment Cape Town 2018 brought together the Managing Directors and CEOs of 85 mining and exploration companies, who met with 350+ mining investors, financiers and analysts over two days of 1-2-1 meetings.

Alongside the 1-2-1 meetings, delegates enjoyed a packed agenda of investor-led panel discussions and keynotes held in a new air-conditioned conference marquee in the beautiful gardens of the historic Welgemeend manor house.

By providing an exclusive forum built around a focused and targeted meeting programme,121 Mining Investment Cape Town provided a time and resource efficient way for miners to meet new investors and for investors to appraise a range of opportunities.

Which mining companies attended?


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"It’s fabulous. I think they do a great job – it’s a hard couple of days, we’ve got 22 meetings, but that’s what its all about, that’s why we’re here. It’s a great event, well managed."

Russell Clark - Kasbah Resources
"It brings rapid 30 minute meetings with very interested, dedicated people, big potential stakeholders, shareholders, investors, bankers – all sorts of people related to what we need to complete this project"

Guy Bourassa – Nemaska Lithium
"The weathers great, the fund managers come from Europe, and it’s the only place in the world you can get them all together in one place at one time"

Adrian Griffin – Lithium Australia

The numbers.

Mining companies
Investors & analysts
1-2-1 meetings
Meetings per company average

Mining company breakdown.

"The success of 121 is quite amazing in terms of the model. For us it really addresses most of our needs. We support them 100%"

Glen Parsons - Awalé Resources
"It’s my first time at 121. I think it’s a great structure, it allows direct access to interested people, so you go through that filtering process first, identify interested parties and it’s a really comfortable and relaxed atmosphere."

Peter Watson – Strandline Resources
"It’s been fantastic. I don’t have one free slot – I have 26 meetings. I really like the format"

Phil Hoskins – Graphex