Day 1

08:00 – Registration and morning coffee

08:50 – Conference opening

09:00 – Investment leaders panel: Investment outlook – industry at an inflection point?

• With some optimism back in the sector and mining companies de-leveraging, are we at an inflection point? Which way will the industry turn?
• Has enough capital been deployed in 2018 to stimulate the overall mineral exploration needed to satisfy strong global demand?
• To buy or to build – what is the feeling on mines investing again or turning to M&A?
• Will strong global demand continue to spur on metals and materials sector? How important is China’s economic policy to sustaining mining’s revival?

Panellists include:
Cailey Barker, Director, Natural Resources, BlackRock
George Cheveley, Portfolio Manager, Investec Asset Management
Neil Gregson, Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan Global Natural Resources Fund
Peter Grosskopf, CEO, Sprott Inc

09:30 – CEO Presentations

11:00 – Analyst insight: Global Commodities outlook

• An update from leading commodities analyst on where are we now and what lies ahead for metals and minerals?
Colin Hamilton, Managing Director – Commodities Research, BMO

11:30 – CEO Presentations

13:00 – Lunch and Networking

14:00 – CEO Presentations

15:20 – Private Equity Panel: Analysing the evolving role of private equity in mine finance

• How has private equity’s role within the mining finance landscape evolved and benefited the sector?
• Exit risk for PE – how do investors manage this in the cyclical business of mining?
• Does the M&A environment need to be good in order to thrive? Is activity likely to pick up as majors dip their toes in again?

Panellists include:
Berth Koth, Managing Director & Partner, Denham Capital
David Street, Portfolio Manager,Tembo Capital

15:50 – CEO Presentations

17:00 – Investor panel: Opportunities in resilient small cap resource companies

• How are mined resource companies performing relative to other sectors?
• Are energy and materials stocks presenting sustainable dividends again?
• What attributes take the risk out of smaller resource companies and set them up for better future growth?
• What essential due diligence when assessing reseource companies?
• Can we expect greater flows of speculative capital returning to the mining sector?

Panellists include:
Alain Corbani, Portfolio Manager, Finance SA
Gervais Williams, MD and Portfolio Manager, Miton Group
Willem Middelkoop, Founder, Commodity Discovery Fund

17:30 – 121 Mining Investment networking drinks