Day 1

08:00 – Registration and morning coffee

08:50 – Conference opening

09:00 – Investment leaders panel: Outlook for mining sector investment across 2018

• How are mining shares expected to perform in 2018 compared to global equities? Is mining in a cyclical sweet-spot?
• Is there enough capital in the sector at present? Will strong global demand sustain?
• What should mining companies be focusing their business efforts towards in 2018? – regaining investors trust, issuing more dividends or focusing on resource replacement and longer-term growth projects?

Panellists include:
Mark Burridge, Managing Partner, Baker Steel
Neil Gregson, Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan Global Natural Resources Fund
Robert Crayfourd, Portfolio Manager, New City Investment Managers
Stephanie Clement-de-Givry, Global Head of Metals & Mining Finance, Societe Generale CIB

09:30 – CEO presentations

09:30 Jeffrey Pontius, CEO & President, Corvus Gold
09:40 Ron Hochstein, President and CEO, Lundin Gold
09:50 Julian Hanna, Managing Director, MOD Resources
10:00 Anna Legge, Investor Relations, SolGold
10:10 Andrew Tunks, Executive Director – Exploration, West Wits Mining
10:20 Jan Louw, Managing Director, Frontier Diamonds
10:30 Richard Young, President & CEO, Teranga Gold
10:40 Andrew Stewart, Managing Director & CEO, Xanadu Mines
10:50 Paul Burton, Managing Director, TNG Ltd

11:00 – Analyst insight: Commodities outlook to 2030

• Where are we now and what lies ahead for metals and minerals?
• Price forecast and expectations for the metals and minerals sector
• China growth and policy – what the Belt and Road could mean for metals markets
• EVs – a promising new market for metals demand?
• Resource replacement – are enough mined ounces being replaced? Could limited supply growth lead towards a bull market?

Colin Hamilton, Managing Director – Commodities Research, BMO

11:30 – CEO presentations

11:30 Paul Farquharson, CEO, eCobalt Solutions
11:40 Mike Vaisey, Manager Battery Materials, Lithium Australia
11:50 Steve Promnitz, Managing Director, Lake Resources
12:00 Michael Schwarz, Managing Director, Northern Cobalt
12:10 Tim Johnston, President and CEO, Desert Lion
12:20 Wanda Cutler, Investor Relations, Nemaska Lithium
12:30 Benjamin Bell, Managing Director, Australian Mines

12:40 – Analyst insight: Capitalising on the next phase of growth in battery metals

• Has mining’s current revival been powered in part by demand for battery commodities amid the transition to cleaner energy systems?
• Lithium oversupply fears – are investors right to be cautious of a price crash? Will a second opportunity of undervalued lithium mining stocks arise?
• Assessing global conversion capacity of battery grade chemicals – will China continue to control global supply?
• Recycling – How much lithium and cobalt can be recycled from a Li-ion battery?
• Which battery metals offer upside in the near to mid-term?

Rebecca Gordon, Head of Technology Metals & Energy, CRU Group

13:00 – Lunch and networking

14:00 – CEO presentations

14:00 Matthew Yates, CEO & Managing Director, Orecorp
14:10 Archie Koimtsidis, CEO & Managing Director, Cardinal Resources
14:20 Stephen Stone, Managing Director, Azumah Resources
14:30 Lindsay Owler, Director & CEO, Argonaut Resources
14:40 Luquman Shaheen, President & CEO, Panoro Minerals
14:50 Heath Hellewell, Executive Chairman, Capricorn Metals
15:00 Tony Lofthouse, CEO, Thundelarra
15:10 Sam Spring, President & CEO, Kincora Copper

15:20 – Panel: Investment appetite for exploration and the industry’s need for resource replacement

• Are we entering an exploration-led market with an unprecedented need to replace mined ounces
• How have exploration finance strategies evolved since 2015’s market bottom and how do sophisticated fund managers view the current and future opportunities in the exploration segment of the industry?
• How should mining management teams balance cost discipline versus exploration spend and the need to replace mined ounces?
• What is private equity’s appetite for exploration financing? Time lines, exits and returns

Panellists include:
Greg Johnson, Executive Chairman, Group Ten Metals
Mike Patterson, Investment Associate – Deal Team, Resource Capital Funds
Kevin Fox, Managing Director, Rio Tinto Ventures
Matt Piggott, Head of Research, S&P Global

15:50 – CEO presentations

15:50 Chris Donaldson, Manager, Corporate Development, Western Copper & Gold
16:00 Roger Mason, Managing Director, Antipa Minerals
16:10 Dan Hrushewsky, Executive Vice President, Bunker Hill Mining
16:20 Brandon MacDonald, CEO & Director, Fireweed Zinc
16:30 Max Porterfield, President and CEO, Callinex Mining
16:40 Russell Clark, CEO, Kasbah Resources
16:50 Mark Jarvis, CEO, Giga Metals

17:00 – Commodity keynote: Nickel – demand from new markets and supply-side risks creating opportunities

• Global nickel market supply, demand and price forecasts
• Bifurcation in the nickel market as the price for nickel sulphate uncouples from overall nickel market trends
• High purity nickel sulphate: Price premiums and demand opportunities
• Production processes, costs and profit margins across the high purity nickel and nickel sulphate market: What an investor needs to know
Jim Lennon, Managing Director, Red Door Research
Clive Whittington, Managing Director, C M Whittington & Associates

17:30 – 121 Mining Investment Drinks – Sponsored by Societe Generale