Mining companies

140 mining production, development and exploration companies will be hosting meetings at 121 Mining Investment London. Qualified investors who would like to arrange 1-2-1 meeting with these companies should click here for investor registration.

Company NamePrimary TickerStage of DevelopmentCommodityCountry
1911 Gold CorporationTSXV:AUMB, OTCQX:AUMBFExplorationGoldCanada
AfriTin MiningLON:ATMExploration, Development, ProductionTin, Lithium, TantalumNamibia
Aftermath SilverTSXV:AAG, OTCQB:AAGFF Exploration Silver, Gold, Copper, ManganeseChile, Peru
Alamos Gold Inc.NYSE:AGI, TSX:AGIProductionGoldCanada, Mexico
Aldebaran Resources
Alexco Resource Corp
Alien MetalsLSE:UFO, FWB:I3A1, OTCMKTS:ASLRFExploration, DevelopmentPrecious and Base MetalMexico, Australia
Almadex MineralsTSXV:DEXExploration, DevelopmentGold, Silver, Zinc, CopperUSA (Nevada), Canada, Mexico
Alpha Lithium
Alto MetalsASX:AMEExplorationGoldAustralia
American LithiumTSXV:LI, OTCQB:LIACFExploration, DevelopmentLithiumUnited States and Peru
Andean Precious Metals CorpTSXV:APMExploration, Development, ProductionSilver, TinBolivia
Angold ResourcesTSXV:AAU, FRA:13L, OTCQB:AAUGFExplorationPrecious MetalsUSA, Chile
Antler Gold
Arizona Sonoran CopperTSX:ASCUExplorationCopper CathodesUSA
Arras Minerals
Arrow MineralsASX:AMDExplorationGold, Lithium, NickelBurkina Faso, Australia
Asante Gold CorporationCSE:ASE, FSE:1A9, OTC:ASGOFDevelopment, ProductionGoldGhana
Ascendant ResourcesTSX:ASNDExplorationCopper, Gold, Zinc, Silver, Tin, LeadPortugal
Astra Exploration
Atico MiningTSX.V:ATYExploration, Development, ProductionCopper and GoldEcuador and Colombia
Aurania Resources
Aurion ResourcesTSXV:AU; OTCQX:AIRRFExplorationGoldFinland
Australian VanadiumASX:AVLDevelopmentVanadiumAustralia
Auteco MineralsASX:AUTExplorationGoldCanada
Awale Resources LtdTSX.V: ARICExplorationGold, Copper, Iron OxideCote D’lvoire
Azure MineralsASX:AZSExploration, DevelopmentNickel, Copper, Cobalt SulphideAustralia
Baroyeca Gold and SilverTSXV: BGS, OTCQX: BRYGFExplorationGold & SilverColombia
Battery Minerals ResourcesTSXV:BMRExploration, DevelopmentCopper, Cobalt, Lithium, Graphite,Chile, Canada, USA, South Korea
Bradda Head LithiumLSE:BHLExploration, DevelopmentLithiumArizona, USA
C3 MetalsTSXV, OTCQBExplorationCopper and GoldPeru, Jamaica
Calistro Cobre Resources
Callinex MinesTSXV:CNX, OTC:CLLXFExploration, DevelopmentGold, Silver, Copper, ZincCanada
Canada Nickel CompanyTSXV:CNCExplorationNickel, Cobalt, IronCanada
Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc.TSXV: CCW; OTCQB: CCWOFExploration, DevelopmentSilver, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, GoldCanada
Cannon Resources LimitedASX:CNRExploration, DevelopmentNickelAustralia
Capella MineralsTSXV:CMILExplorationCopper, Gold, CobaltNorway, Sweden, Finland and Canada
Capitan Mining
Caracal Gold
Cerrado Gold
Coda MineralsASX:CODExplorationCopper, Gold, CobaltAustralia
Collective Mining TSX.V:CNLExplorationGold, Silver, Base MetalsColombia
CopperCorp Resources
Cora GoldAIMDevelopmentGoldSouthern Mali
Cornish Metals
Cypress Development Corp.TSX.V: CYP, OTCQX: CYDVFDevelopmentLithiumUSA
Defense MetalsDEFN:TSXV, DFMTF:OTCQB, FSE: 35DDevelopmentCritical Metals – Rare Earth ElementsPrince George, British Columbia, Canada
Defiance Silver Corp.TSXV:DEF, OTCQX:DNCVFExploration, DevelopmentSilver, Gold, CopperZacatecas, Mexico
Discovery Silver
E79 ResourcesCSE:ESNRExplorationGoldAustralia
East Star Resources
ECR Minerals
Electric RoyaltiesTSXV:ELECExploration, Development, ProductionLithium, Vanadium, Manganese, Tin, Graphite, Cobalt, Nickel, CopperCanada, Australia
Elemental and Altus Royalties
EMX Royalty Corp.TSXV:EMX; NYSE:EMX; F:6E9Exploration, Development, ProductionGold, Copper, Silver, Battery Metals5 Continents
Endeavour SilverTSX:EDR, NYSE:EXKExploration, Development, ProductionSilver, GoldMexico, Chile, USA
Evolution Energy MineralsASX:EV1Exploration, Development, ProductionGraphiteTanzania
Excellon ResourcesTSX:EXN; NYSE:EXNExploration, Development, ProductionGold, SilverGermany, USA, Mexico
Firebird MetalsASX: FRBAustralia
First Mining Gold
Fission UraniumTSX:FCU, OTCQX:FCUUF, FSE: 2FUExploration, DevelopmentUraniumAthabasca Basin, Canada
Galilee Energy
Generation MiningTSX:GENMDevelopmentPalladium, Copper, PlatinumMarathon, Ontairo
Goldplay Mining
Goldshore ResourcesTSXV:GSHR, OTC:GSHRFExploration, DevelopmentGold, CopperOntario, Canada
Goldsource MinesTSXV:GXSExplorationGoldGuyana, South America
Goliath ResourcesTSXV:GOT, OTCQB:GOTRF, FSE:B4IFExplorationGold, SilverCanada
GoviEx Uranium IncTSXV:GXU, OTCQX:GVXXFExploration, DevelopmentUraniumNiger, Zambia and Mali (Africa)
GR Silver Mining
Heliostar MetalsTSX.V OTCBBExplorationGold, Silver, CopperAlaska , Mexico
HighGold MiningTSX-V:HIGH, OTCQX: HGGOFExplorationGold, Copper, Zinc, SilverUSA, Canada
Highland Copper
International Graphite
Ionic Rare EarthsASX:IXRExploration, DevelopmentRare EarthsUganda
Japan GoldTSX-V:JG ; OTCQB:JGLDFExplorationGoldJapan
Kavango ResourcesLON:KAVExplorationNickel, Copper, PGMsBotswana
Kincora CopperASX:KCC, TSXV:KCCExplorationCopper, GoldAustralia
Kingfisher MetalsTSXV: KFR, OTCQB: KGFMF, FSE:970ExplorationGold, CopperBritish Columbia, Canada
Kingsrose Mining
Kodiak Copper CorpTSXV : KDK │ OTCQB : KDKCFExplorationCopper, GoldBC, Canada, Arizona, USA
Krakatoa ResourcesASX:KTAExplorationRare Earth Elements, Ni, Cu and GoldWestern Australia
KropzLSE:KRPZDevelopment, ProductionPhosphateSouth Africa and Republic of Congo
Lahontan GoldTSXV:LGExplorationGold, SilverNevada, USA
Lake ResourcesASX:LKE, OTC:LLKKFExploration, DevelopmentLithiumArgentina
Lavras Gold (Amarillo Gold Corp)
Libero Copper & Gold CorpTSXV:LBC, OTCQB:LBCMF, DE:29HAExplorationCopperArgentina, Canada, and Colombia
Lithium Power InternationalASX:LPIExploration, DevelopmentLithiumChile
Lithoquest Resources Inc.TSXV:LDIExplorationGoldOntario, Canada
Londo Nickel LimitedExplorationNi-Cu-PGEMadagascar
Mandalay ResourcesTSX:MNDExploration, ProductionGold, AntimonyAustralia, Sweden
Maple Gold MinesTSX.V: MGM, OTCQB: MGMLFExplorationGoldMatagami, Quebec
Midex ResourcesPrivateExplorationGold, SilverCanada
Millrock ResourcesTSXV:MRO, OTCQB:MLRKFExplorationGold, Copper, Nickel, Platinum Group ElementsAlaska USA and Sonora Mexico
Mineral CommoditiesASX:MRCExploration, Development, ProductionBattery Minerals (Graphite), Heavy Minerals (Mineral Sands), transitioning to graphitic anodeEurope, Australia, Africa
Mineros S.A.TSX:MSA MINEROS:CBProductionGoldColombia, Nicaragua, Argentina
Montage GoldTSXV:MAUExploration, DevelopmentGoldCôte d’Ivoire
NextSource Materials TSX:NEXTDevelopmentGraphiteMadagascar
Noram Lithium CorpTSXV:NRM, OTCQB:NRVTF; FRA:N7RExploration, DevelopmentLithiumNevada, USA
Nordic Nickel
Northisle Copper and GoldTSXV:NCXExploration, DevelopmentCopper, GoldCanada
NorthWest CopperTSXV:NWST, OTCQX:NWCCFExploration, DevelopmentCopper, GoldBritish Columbia, Canada
Nova Royalty
O3 Mining IncTSXV:OIII, OTCQX:OIIIFExploration, DevelopmentGoldVal-d’Or, Quebec
Ora Banda Mining LtdASX: OBMExploration, ProductionGoldAustralia
Orezone GoldORE:TSXDevelopmentgoldBurkina Faso
Osino ResourcesTSXV:OSIExplorationGoldNamibia, Africa
Osisko MetalsTSXV:OMExploration, DevelopmentZinc, Lead, CopperCanada, NWT
P2 Gold Inc.TSXV:PGLDExplorationGold, CopperNevada and British Columbia
Palamina CorpTSXV:PAExplorationGold, Silver, CopperPeru
Peak Rare EarthsASX:PEKExplorationRare EarthsTanzania, UK
Puma ExplorationTSXV:PUMA, OTCBB:PUXPFExploration, DevelopmentGoldCanada
Rainbow Rare EarthsLON:RBWDevelopment, ProductionRare EarthsSouth Africa & Burundi
Rambler Metals & Mining PLCAIM:RMMExploration, Development, ProductionCopper, GoldCanada
Red Pine Exploration
Reunion GoldTSXVExplorationGoldGuyana
Robex GoldTSXV:RBXExploration, ProductionGoldMali
Royal Road Minerals Limited
Sable ResourcesTSXV:SAEExplorationGoldArgentina, Mexico
Sandfire ResourcesASX:SFRExploration, Production, DevelopmentCopperAustralia, USA, Botswana
Scottie ResourcesTSXV:SCOTExplorationGoldCanada
Sierra MadreTSXV:SMExplorationMexico
Silver Hammer Mining CorpCSE:LWDExplorationSilverUSA, Canada
Silver Mountain Resources
Silver One ResourcesTSXV:SVE, OTCQX:SLVRF, FSE:BRK1Exploration, DevelopmentSilverNevada
Silver X Mining Corp
St George MiningSGQ.AXExplorationNickel-copper sulphideAustralia
Standard Uranium LtdTSXV:STND, OTC:STTDF, FWB:9SUExplorationUraniumCanada
Summa SilverTSXVExplorationSilver, GoldNevada and New Mexico
Sun Summit Minerals
Superior GoldTSXV:SGI, OCT:SUPGFProductionGoldAustralia
Talisker ResourcesCSE:TSK, OTCQB:TSKFFExplorationGold, SilverCanada
The Howard Group
Thomson ResourcesASX:TMZExplorationSilver, Gold, Tin, Zinc, Copper, LeadAustralia
Thor Mining PLCAIM:THR; ASX:THR; OTCQB:THORFExploration, DevelopmentGold, Copper, Tungsten-Molybdenum, UraniumAustralia, USA
Todd River ResourcesASX: TRTExplorationnickel-copper-PGE and gold mineralisationAustralia
Torq Resources
Torr Metals
TRX Gold Corporation (Name changed from Tanzanian Gold)NYSE:TRX; TSX:TNXExploration, Development, ProductionGoldTanzania
Tungsten WestAIM:TUNDevelopment, ProductionTungsten, Tin, AggregatesUnited Kingdom
UnigoldTSXV:UGDExploration, DevelopmentGold, CopperDominican Republic
US Critical Metals Corp
Vendetta MiningTSXV:VTTExplorationLead/ZincAustralia
Vida CarbonNYSE:PLGNot ApplicableCarbon offsets projectsBrazil, India, Ghana
Vizsla Silver CorpTSXV: VZLA NYSE: VZLA,Exploration, DevelopmentSilverMexico
Vortex MetalsTSXV:VMSExplorationCopper, GoldMexico
Voyager Metals
Warrior GoldTSXV:WARExplorationGoldKirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
Western Alaska Minerals
Willeson Metals CorpPrivateExplorationGold, Base MetalsCanada
Xantippe ResourcesASX:XTCExplorationLithium, GoldArgentina
Zacapa ResourcesTSX.V: ZACA; OTCQB: ZACAF; DE: BH0ExplorationCopper, GoldUSA: Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho

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