Gold Sponsor

Bergen Asset Management

Bergen Asset Management, LLC (“Bergen”) is a U.S.-based global institutional investor that makes direct investments in high growth public and private companies around the world. Bergen has a substantial track record of successful investments in exploration and mining companies at various stages of their development.

Website: www.bergenasset.com

SP Angel

SP Angel is broker and investment bank with a specialist focus on Mining. We are the largest mining nomad and broker in the London market by number of clients with 35 ongoing mining-company retainers. We also have the largest mining research team supported by specialist sales and corporate finance. SP Angel is highly active bringing investors into mining companies on AIM, the ASX and TSX and the LSE Main Market.

Website: www.spangel.co.uk

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Stratum International

A boutique executive search, consulting and advisory firm 100% focused on the global mining industry. Through our unique proactive model, we have interviewed more than 5,000 mining leaders over time (HQ + site-based leaders). We’ve completed more than 800 mining industry mandates and client briefings, in more than 60 countries and on all continents.


Our award-winning IP/process and delivery tool, TalentAssay™, assess candidate background & experience, competence AND behaviour (scientific assessment), based on bespoke criteria developed with our clients, with a proven 96% retention in Y1 and up to 93% in Y2.


Clients include predominantly junior and midcap miners and developers, and we also work extensively with PE firms/funds (including portfolio companies recruitment and investment people due diligence).


Website: stratum-international.com

Bronze Sponsor

Acuity Capital

Acuity Capital is the leading provider of At-the-Market (ATM) funding solutions to ASX-listed companies. We were the first to develop and introduce ATMs into Australia, and since our founding in 2012 we have established over 65 ATMs, made over $800 million of standby capital available and provided over $130 million in equity capital to ASX-listed companies.

Website: www.acuitycapital.com.au

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BlytheRay is London’s top ranked financial PR firm for mining companies.

We believe in harnessing the world’s natural and built environment, sustainably, for the benefit of communities, humankind and the planet.

The team has global expertise, representing companies located in numerous jurisdictions, and is focused on becoming a trusted partner to our clients, delivering value to shape perceptions and build and maintain stakeholder trust and support.

Website: www.blytheray.com