Connecting tech companies with investors.

Focusing on growth stage companies, 121 Tech Investment Hong Kong is where technology growth companies come to raise capital and engage Hong Kong’s tech investment and finance community through a unique 1-2-1 meeting programme.

121 Tech Investment is built around two days of tailored investment meetings with listed tech funds, specialist private equity family offices and corporate VCs.

A conference programme of investor-led discussions on the sentiment for technology investment, company CE/ pitches and analyst briefings on the technologies changing business and lifestyles runs along-side the meetings.

The numbers.


Days of meetings


Tech companies


Sophisticated investors


1-2-1 meetings

Why you should attend.

Tech companies.

1. Meetings with investors are pre-arranged to take place at your booth – meaning the investors come to you.

2. We’ll help you pre-schedule your meetings through our online meeting planner, to make sure you arrive with a full schedule, already knowing who you are going to meet. In 2018, tech companies averaged 14 1-2-1 investor meetings each.

3. Investors receive details about your company and project pre-event, meaning they already have some interest in your company by the time you meet with them.

4. This is chance to meet with up to 20 Hong Kong, and South East Asia based investors in one place, at one time, saving you time, money and logistical headaches that it would take to meet these investor individually.


1. Meet with 40 international tech companies in one place at one time, saving you time and effort.

2. 30 minute 1-2-1 meetings with their management teams give you a great introduction to the company, opening up the opportunity to follow up for further details.

3. Investor panels and analyst insights run at the same time as the meetings in a conference room, as well as 10 minute company presentations, offering you the chance to switch between presentations and meetings as you wish.

4. It’s free to attend!


“The format is fantastic.You’re meeting with really good investors”

Rod Sherwood


How it works.

1. Register.
Entry is restricted to qualified investors, analysts and senior tech company executives keeping every meeting focused on investment and financing discussion.

2. Pre-arrange meetings.
Prior to the summit, all investor/analyst participants will receive a list of the tech corporates participating in the event, along with information about their projects. Simply select those companies whose management teams you would like to meet and we will build you a personalised schedule of 1-2-1 meetings.

3. Attend.
Events are built around two days of pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings alongside a two-day conference programme packed with investor insight panels, analyst market updates and CEO spotlight presentations.

“We’ve had an over whelming response – It’s opened up an enormous amount of doors for us.”

David Moylan
Vault Intelligence

What to expect.

Focus on 1-2-1 meetings – 121 Tech Investment Hong Kong is based around two days of pre-arranged, targeted 1-2-1 meetings between tech company founders and management teams and sophisticated investors, meaning you can arrive with a schedule already full of relevant corporate access meetings.

Only open to qualified investors and tech companies – We don’t sell delegate tickets. We pre-screen all attendees and aim for a 4:1 investor to corporate ratio, with no service providers in attendance, apart from a handful of relevant brokers and bankers who can attend as sponsors.

Arrive fully prepared – Unlike other conferences, where you don’t know who you are going to meet, the 121 format allows you to pre-screen your meetings through our online meeting planner, ensuring that your time at the event is well spent meeting only relevant companies and investors.

Superior matchmaking experience – We provide assistance in getting you a structured meeting schedule that exactly suits your needs.  We are very proactive in ensuring you meet the people that fit your remit, and will liaise with you pre-event to make sure you get the most out of your two days.

A tried and trusted formula – Since our inception, 121 Group has brought together over 1,000 companies with over 4,500 investors, resulting in over 15,000 1-2-1 meetings. Our latest 121 Tech Investment Event in Hong Kong this June saw 40 tech companies meet with 225+ investors, and was described as “Awesome”, “Fantastic”, “Unique” and “One of the best events I’ve ever attended”

“The 121 Tech investment event here was probably one of the best events I’ve ever attended”

Carl Kirchhoff

Sports Fix

“I’ve been surprised by the strong interest and seriousness of the investors”

Chris Tait


2018 highlights.

The third edition of 121 Tech Investment Hong Kong provided an excellent platform for tech company management teams to meet and connect 1-2-1 with leading tech investors from Hong Kong, China, Singapore and the wider region.

40 technology companies and over 225 investors came together on the 13th and 14th June at The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong for 550+ 1-2-1 meetings across the two days. The conference featured a series of interesting and insightful  presentations, keynotes and panel discussions covering the hottest trends in technology today.