Pure Hydrogen


Primary ticker: ASX:PH2
Stage of development: 
Primary minerals: Hydrogen
Project location: Australia
Website: purehydrogen.com.au

Pure Hydrogen is a clean energy-focused company seeking to become the leader in the development and supply of Hydrogen and Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles through the use of cu<ng-edge technology processes.

The group’s vehicle sales are complemented by its strategy to supply hydrogen fuel to InternaAonal and Australian customers, through the producAon of Green, Emerald, and Turquoise Hydrogen. Concurrently, the Company is developing natural gas projects directly in Australia and Botswana through a strategic investment it holds in a Botswana-focused energy company listed on the Australian SecuriAes Exchange. As part of its longer-term hydrogen strategy, Pure Hydrogen will also prioriAse incubaAon for early-stage companies or projects within the clean energy sector, with the aim of realising profits from those investments.


Sales Video: Pure Hydrogen’s HFC Prime Mover, ‘the Taurus’: 


7News: MOU with Piauí Government in Brazil for hydrogen vehicle supply: 


Management Profile

Scott Brown – Managing Director
Scott has over 30 years’ experience as a director and an executive with ASX-listed companies, specialising in the technology, energy & resources sectors. He has held senior executive roles and directorships at several companies including Real Energy, Objective Corporation, Allegiance Mining and Mosaic Oil. Scott is the cofounder of Pure Hydrogen.

What is your rationale for taking part in 121 Mining Investment?

Over the past 12-24 months, Pure has observed a significant increase in interest from global capital markets and from potential customers in the United States, Europe, UK and the Middle East for hydrogen solutions and the hydrogen sector generally. The 121 conference presents an opportunity for Pure to speak directly with investors who have an interest in the space and discuss where commercial opportunities are emerging.

What recent news would you like to highlight to investors attending?

Recent operations have been highlighted by consistent sales momentum for PH2’s market-leading suite of hydrogen fuel-cell (HFC) and electric vehicles, in both Australian and international markets. Domestic purchase orders for the EV70 Mini-Bus and the TG23-H160 Refuse Truck were accompanied by a US$1.22 million order for the supply of a HFC 6×4 50T prime mover and 54-seater coach to a specialist hydrogen dealership in North America. PH2 has also executed on its stated hydrogen infrastructure strategy with the construction and development of a green hydrogen ‘microhub’ in Queensland, Australia. The microhub is a

collaboration with Archerfield Airport, amid ongoing interest from the aviation industry about the use-case for hydrogen in transport and commercial unmanned (drone) flights.

What are your key goals for the next 3, 6 and 12 months?

3 Months:

Commence construction of the demonstration hydrogen microhub, and complete final safety and quality control testing for several state-of-the-art hydrogen vehicles in the Company’s product suite, including the Taurus Prime Mover and the HFC Garbage Truck. Pure also has a 40% interest in Turquoise Group Pty Ltd, which is commissioning a demonstration plant in Queensland that makes Graphene and Hydrogen from Methane.


6 Months:

Complete construction and commission first production of Green Hydrogen from the Archerfield hydrogen microhub.


12 Months:

Grow sales pipeline for the Company’s hydrogen vehicle fleet to domestic and international markets, following completion of all safety and quality control testing. Accelerate rollout of hydrogen infrastructure, led by targeted microhub strategy with selected strategic partners.

What do you see as the key risks and challenges facing your company at the moment and how are you overcoming these?

The global hydrogen sector is still an emerging economy and is in the early stages of attracting major investment capital. However, Pure Hydrogen remains well-funded to advance its commercial hydrogen strategy with a ‘capex-lite’ approach to infrastructure development, leaving it well placed to benefit as investment in the sector continues to grow with increasing support from policymakers in key jurisdictions.

What do you think makes your company such a compelling investment?

Pure Hydrogen is unique among its ASX peers, and is also one of the few listed companies globally pursuing a dedicated hydrogen strategy to coincide with the ongoing emergence of the global hydrogen economy. With an extensive background already established with a variety of different hydrogen solutions, Pure is building a unique competitive advantage which will leave it well placed to capitalise alongside the growth of the hydrogen industry in both domestic and global markets.

What are the top 3 key investor takeaways?

1. Hydrogen vehicles: Successful transiAon from product development to commercialisaAon, with strong sales pipeline underpinned by hydrogen’s inherent advantages as a clean-energy fuel source for the heavy vehicle industry.
2. Hydrogen infrastructure: Building out infrastructure for hydrogen supply through a low-capex partnership approach; targeAng diversified hydrogen producAon networks with capacity to scale.
3. Near-term news flow: CompleAon of final safety tesAng for leading hydrogen vehicle suite, including Prime Mover truck and Waste CollecAon truck, along with commercial demonstraAons of Turquoise and Green hydrogen producAon from established manufacturing sites.