Mining & energy companies

Mining & energy production, development and exploration companies will be hosting online meetings at 121 Mining & Energy Investment Singapore. Qualified investors who would like to arrange 1-2-1 meeting with these companies should click here for investor registration.

NamePrimary TickerStage of DevelopmentCommodityCountryCorporate Presentation
A-Cap EnergyASX:ACBDevelopment
Uranium and Nickel/Cobalt
BotswanaCorporate Presentation
Alpha Lithium CorporationTSXV:ALLI, OTC:APHLFExploration, Development
Annamite Resources
PrivateExplorationPrecious and base metalsLaos (Lao PDR)Corporate Presentation
Exploration, Development
Lithium, Bromine
Utah, USA
Aurumin LimitedASX:AUNExplorationGoldAustralia
Blackstone MineralsASX:BSX, OTCQB:BLSTF, FRA:B9SExploration, DevelopmentNickel, Copper, Gold, Cobalt
Calibre MiningTSX:CXBExploration, Development, ProductionGoldNicaragua and Nevada State, USA
Canada Nickel Company
Nickel, Cobalt, Iron
Corporate Presentation
CopperCorp Resources Inc.TSXV:CPERExplorationCopper
AustraliaCorporate Presentation
Conjugate EnergyPrivateExplorationOil and GasUganda
EV NickelTSXV:EVNIExploration, Development
NickelCanadaCorporate Presentation
Fenix ResourcesASX:FEXProduction
Iron Ore
Mid West of WA
Corporate Presentation
First AuASX:FAUExploration, DevelopmentGold, Base MetalsAustralia
First Majestic Silver CorpNYSE:AGProduction
Silver, Gold
Mexico, USACorporate Presentation
Greenland Minerals LtdASX:GGGExploration, Development
Rare Earths, Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel and othersGreenland, Spain
Greenvale MiningASX:GRVExplorationBitumen Binding Products, Base-Load Power GenerationAustraliaCorporate Presentation
Industrial MineralsASX:IND
Exploration, Development
Silica Sand, Industrial Mineral
Corporate Presentation
Kaltara Batu Konstruksi (KBK)PrivateExploration, Development, Production
Industrial Minerals
Latin ResourcesASX:LRS, FRA:XL5Exploration, Development
Lithium and Halloysite/ Kaolin
Lithium ChileTSXV:LITH, OTCBB:LTCMFExploration, Development
ArgentinaCorporate Presentation
Noram Lithium Corp.TSXV:NRM, OTCQB:NRVTF; FRA:N7RExploration, DevelopmentLithiumUSA
Silver X Mining CorpTSXV:AGXExploration, Development, ProductionSilverPeru
Skeena ResourcesTSX:SKE, NYSE:SKE, FRA:RXFExploration, DevelopmentGold, SilverGolden Triangle, British Columbia, Canada
Steppe GoldTSX: STGO, OTCQX: STPGFExploration, Development, ProductionGold, SilverMongolia
Stonehorse EnergyASX:SHEDevelopment, ProductionOil & GasUSACorporate Presentation
Thomson ResourcesASX:TMZExploration, DevelopmentSilver, Gold, Tin, Zinc, Copper, LeadAustraliaCorporate Presentation
TMK EnergyASX:TMKExplorationNatural Gas
Mongolia, Australia
Corporate Presentation
TNG LimitedASX:TNGDevelopmentVanadium, Titanium and Iron OreAustralia
​Vendetta MiningTSXV:VTTExploration, DevelopmentLead, ZincAustraliaCorporate Presentation
West Wits MiningASX:WWIExploration, Development, ProductionGoldAustraliaCorporate Presentation
Westhaven Gold Corp.TSXV:WHNExplorationGold, SilverCanadaCorporate Presentation
Xanadu MinesASX:XAM, TSX:XAMExploration, Development
Gold, CopperMongolia
York Harbour MetalsTSXV:YORK, OTCPK:YORKF, Frankfurt:5DE0Exploration
Corporate Presentation

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