Day 2

08:00 – Morning coffee

08:50 – Conference opening

09:00 – Mining CEO Presentations

10:00 – African investment panel: Fund manager insights on the opportunities and risk across Africa’s mining sector

• Sovereign risk landscape across the continent – What are the best and the most difficult jurisdictions for investment in 2019?
• How have investors adjusted to a resurgence of resource nationalism in some key African mining jurisdictions, DRC, South Africa and Tanzania?
• Perspectives from the miner – key challenges being a producing mine in Sub Saharan Africa
• Sustainability and ethics – how is ESG focus evolving across the continent’s resource sector?

Panellists include:
Johan Dippenaar, CEO, Petra Diamonds
Peter Major, Director, Mining, Cadiz Corporate Solutions
Richard Crookes, Portfolio Manager, EMR Capital
Robert Still, Chairman, Pangea Exploration
Johan Bester, Project Manager, Thebe Investment Corporation
Mandi Dungwa, Equity Analyst, Kagiso Asset Management

10:30 – Mining CEO Presentations

11:30 – Battery materials panel: Electric ambitions – A look across the value chain for battery minerals extraction

• Accelerated disruption? Why the EV revolution could happen faster than we think
• How does Africa’s mining sector stand to benefit from the global clean energy narrative, EVs and the electrification of everything?
• Economics and supply side challenges amid the scramble for raw battery materials – can explorers and producers bring supply online quick enough?
• Sovereign risks – investor sentiment for difficult yet mineral rich jurisdictions – DRC’s new mining laws – Tanzania’s export bans and taxes?
Panellists include:
Aline Carnizelo, Investment Director, Pala Investment
Rick Squire, Portfolio Manager,Acorn Capital
Shoaib Vayej,Executive Director, Afena Capital
James Rattenbury, Senior Associate, Resource Capital Funds

12:00 – Mining CEO Presentations

13:00 – Lunch on the veranda upper lawn

14:00 – Project finance panel: Financing the world class mining projects of the future

• Considering the availability of mine finance to the junior sector – What size and type of project can secure funding at present?
• Which creative sources and alternative structures are available to take a mine into production?
• Will stream and royalties financing remain as popular for mining companies if traditional debt and equity markets continue to resurface?
• How has the bank lending environment changed over the last 12 months?
• Is appetite returning for early stage – can greenfield projects be confident of finding that much needed capital in this market?
• Responses to a new era funding – crowdfunding and the rise of internet-based financing

Panellists include:
Henry Turner,
Principal – Mining Finance, Nedbank
Julian Treger,
CEO and Executive Director, Anglo Pacific
Randy Smallwood, CEO, Wheaton Precious

14:30 – Mining CEO Presentations

15:30 – Exploration panel: Resource replacement and the path to success for junior exploration companies

• Implications of economic discoveries not keeping up with production
• Assessing the intensity of the current market for majors to find new projects and deposits
• What are the advantages for nimble juniors in new exploration plays?
• Is now the time for smart money to flow into exploration? How can investors recognise the ability of a technical team to succeed?
• What are the critical steps to improve the share price and attract a major?

Panellists include:
Rudolph de Bruin, Founding Partner, AMED Funds
Willem Middelkoop,
Founder, Commodity Discovery Fund

16:00 – Mining CEO Presentations

16:40 – Investment influencers panel: ESG and the role of conscious investing across the mining sector

• Is the link between sustainability and profitability changing investment agendas?
• How are investment funds and private capital incorporating sustainability and ethical impacts into their portfolios?
• Ability to raise funds for mining in difficult jurisdictions – What are LPs looking for in terms of conscious capital?

Panellists include:
Amanda van Dyke, Fund Manager, South River Asset Management
Sacha Akira Backes, Senior Investment Officer, Mining, IFC

17:15 – Farewell drinks reception – See you in Hong Kong