Agenda Day One

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Registration and Morning Coffee
Investment leaders Panel:
Geopolitical impacts, critical minerals policies, and other major forces driving investment
  • The global macro environment and the implications for the junior sector. What are the impacts on investment flows?

  • With the presidential election in the US upon us, what will the potential change in administration mean for US critical minerals policies?

  • Global electoral impact on mining. Elections happening in major mining nations including Mexico, South Africa, and Indonesia. How has this affected mining policies?

  • Are we seeing more international cooperation with regards to investment in critical minerals and building their sustainable supply chains? What is needed?

  • How can technology and innovation create a faster and safer road to securing sufficient critical minerals


Dan Freuman, Co-Founder, Nebari
George Milling Stanley, Chief Gold Strategist, State Street Global Advisors

Analyst Briefing:
Global commodities outlook
  • Moving into year end and towards 2025, which metals will be the top performers and why?

  • Impact of the energy transition on supply/demand - Assessing the looming supply gaps

CEO Presentations
Analyst Briefing:
Gold in Review
  • Where will pricing move through to 2025?

  • Is a correction necessary?

  • Central bank purchasing in the US and globally

George Milling Stanley, Chief Gold Strategist, State Street Global Advisors

Precious Metals Panel:
Will gold continue to shine?
  • Record gold prices earlier this year - where will pricing move for the remainder of the year into next?

  • Gold as critical metal - Deconstructing these old and new narratives

  • Gold pricing hit record highs in early 2024 - Where do our panellists

  • Do you see central banks continuing to purchase high amounts of precious metals moving forward? Other macro factors impacting this

Darrin Blumenthal, Managing Director, Amvest Capital

Networking Lunch
Analyst Briefing:
Critical Materials - Supply & demand outlook, investment focus, securing the metals we need
Critical Materials Panel:
The Mineral Rush
  • Addressing the battery metal shor tages, risks, and solutions

  • How do we focus investment into exploration and development?

  • A spotlight on copper- Addressing the supply shortages, hedge fund speculation, Chinese and green energy demand

  • Critical materials evolving in the context of emerging technologies such as new battery chemistries and renewables?

  • Accepting the need for a battery chemistry mix


Howard Klein, Founder and Partner, RK Equity
Tanner Khandaker, Managing Partner, KPG Capital & Co


CEO Presentations
121 Networking Drinks
Continue networking over refreshments, quality beers, wines, spirits, and light food
End of Day One