Day 2

08:00 – Registration and morning refreshments

08:50 – Opening remarks

09:00 – Keynote: Sector oulook for EVs and their raw materials demands

• Where will the new decade take us in battery technology – projections in long term evolution of battery chemistries and energy density
• Expected bottlenecks in the global supply chain for raw materials
• Reducing the metals needed within EVs
• EV adoption rates – total cost of ownership of EVs vs ICO0

09:30 – Mining CEO presentations

10:50 – Technology metals panel: Will mining survive and thrive in a new energy world?

• Is the bottom near for lithium chemical prices? When will lithium markets achieve supply/demand balance
• Views on the long-term availability of Cobalt, Nickel and Graphite and potential impacts on the battery and EV Industry
• Where and when are the bottlenecks in critical material supply?
• What steps do automakers and OEMs need to be taking now to safeguard supply of critical raw materials – can they work closer with miners?
• Accessing wider pools of capital to help junior miners of critical metals – where will capital come from
• Is there an opportunity for battery metals producers to improve credentials and win capital from ESG mandated funds?

11:30 – Mining CEO presentations

13:00 – Networking Lunch

14:00 Mining CEO Presentations

15:00 Analyst briefing: Battery technology update – complexities of the global supply chain from mine to market

• Where are the improvements in active anode and cathode materials development?
• Issues of scale, importance of material quality purity and reliability – what factors enable mass-production and commercialization
• Key points to observe for investors not to get ahead of the hype
• Which battery metals are set to outperform?

15:30 Mining CEO Presentations

16:40 Closing keynote: Going for Gold – an outlook on supply and demand fundamentals

• Is the industry right to feel optomistic with a resurgent gold price and a flee to safe haven assets?
• Trends in declining reserves – how will miners sustain current production?
• Undernourished exploration budgets presenting challenges
• M&A outlook and majors backing juniors

17:00 Close of conference and farewell drinks