Agenda day two

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Registration and Morning Refreshments
Conference Opening
Investor Panel
The Opportunity in Precious Metals Equities for Generalist and Specialist Portfolios
  • How to look at exposure to gold and silver equities at a time of prolonged inflation
  • Impacts of Jackson Hole - How conflicted is the FED over receission and inflation? What is the strong dollar and inflation doing to GDX-J and how will the sector look towards the end of this year?
  • Having called the inflation tsunami early last year how long does the panel of experts believe high rates will play out?
  • Is the next silver squeeze coming? Fundamental supply and demand outlook for silver
  • What does Gold Silver ratio say about mining equities?
  • M&A outlook for miners versus new discovery breakthrough
  • Dissecting the relatively small pool of precious metals at developer stage - what is attracting large institutions and pension funds back to equities?
  • Are sanctions and increasingly politicized supply chains impacting precious metals supply and demand?


Chris Mancini, Portfolio Manager, Gabelli Funds

Matt Geiger, MD, MJG Capital

Peter Krauth, Editor, Silver Stock Investor

Dan Oliver, Managing Partner, Myrmikan Capital Assay

Morning coffee break
Exploration Investment Panel
Financing a New Era of Exploration to Sustain the Energy Transition
  • How are Copper and Nickel exploration projects more vital than ever?
  • What are major miners interested in now? What forms of alternative finance are available and to which projects?
  • The team or the asset: as the pool of quality exploitation assets is relatively small where are the interesting projects coming online?
  • Should industry be concerned about price mitigation from inflation and China’s lockdown-driven demand destruction? Or is this a time for exploration to thrive on long term fundamentals?
  • Thoughts on the Inflation Reduction bill –
    a) why is copper not on the US critical minerals list?
    b) investment into non-Indonesian Nickel mines
    c) developing localised smelting capacity outside of China


Sonia Scarselli, Vice President, BHP Xplor Program
Alex Tsukernik, CEO, Nova Royalty
Dan Jauncey, Executive Director, Austral Resources

Assay TV Interview
Marcel Robillard, Director & CEO, Puma Exploration
Assay TV Interview
Alberto Morales, Executive Chairman & Founder, Andean Precious Metals
Assay TV Interview
Assay TV Interview
John Proust, CEO, Japan Gold
Lunch and Networking
Assay TV Interview
Sonia Scarselli, Vice President, BHP Xplor
Assay TV Interview
Assay TV Interview
Official Closing Drinks at Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant 121, West 45th Street
End of 121 New York, See You in London in November