Gold Sponsors

Bergen Asset Management

Bergen Asset Management, LLC (“Bergen”) is a U.S.-based global institutional investor that makes direct investments in high growth public and private companies around the world. Bergen has a substantial track record of successful investments in exploration and mining companies at various stages of their development.

Website: www.bergenasset.com/

Inventa Capital

Inventa was founded in 2017 by Craig Parry and Michael Konnert to seize emerging opportunities in the natural resource sector. Today, Inventa has grown into a premier investment group with a first-rate portfolio of companies and a world-class team focused on providing the elements that the world needs.

Website: www.inventacapital.ca

Supporting Partner

Harbor Access

Harbor Access is a North American strategic investor relations firm with offices in Stamford, Connecticut and Toronto, Ontario. Our multi-disciplined team of buy- and sell-side professionals are your trusted partner, offering deep insight and technical expertise to help you achieve greater market visibility in an increasingly crowded and fast-moving environment.


Website: www.harboraccessllc.com